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100 Days to Scottish Independence Referendum

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As previously advised chapter 4 of the UK referendum papers covers the UK view that at present accepts dual nationality so is basically the same as the Scottish Government




There are plenty of people who hold dual nationality, one being that of a UK citizen and there are plenty of people who hold a UK passport but live in other parts of the world e.g. Spain is a popular retirement location and Hong Kong still has a few UK citizens living there so Scotland does not bring up anything new on that front.

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Thanks for that link; there's loads of information from HM Gov., including about trade, free borders, freedom of travel, etc.  This concerns me:-



If Scotland became an independent state, its government would decide who could become,
or would be required to become, a Scottish citizen. This would be a complex and difficult
decision with profound implications for individuals and their families; not only those alive at the
time of independence but also future generations born in Scotland, in other parts of the UK or
overseas. There are no clear precedents to guide an independent Scottish state in this area.
The current Scottish Government has proposed that all British citizens habitually resident in
Scotland will be considered Scottish citizens, and that Scottish-born British citizens currently
living outside of Scotland will also be considered Scottish citizens.20 This is a very wide model
of citizenship. It could lead to people living in Scotland, for example migrants from other parts
of the UK, assumed to be Scottish citizens, whether or not they would choose to be.
The UK has historically been tolerant of plural nationalities, and therefore it is likely that it
would be possible for an individual to hold both British and Scottish citizenship. However,
under current rules British citizens living outside the UK cannot pass their British nationality on
more than one generation. So the children of British citizens living in an independent Scottish
state would be British citizens, but their children and subsequent generations would not be.
The government of the continuing UK would also need to consider whether all British citizens
living in Scotland could retain their British citizenship upon independence. This cannot be
guaranteed and could be dependent on any residency requirements or proof of affinity to the
continuing UK. It is not possible to predict now what the decision of a future government of
the continuing UK might be in this area."
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And what would happen if the oil companies didn't want to participate and cough up to this oil fund that allegedly is gonna finance a load of this pipedream?


What would happen if the oil companies slowed production right down or even closed down the rigs?


Where is the finance going to come from for an independent Scotland?  Even with PAYE, employers don't pay the Inland Revenue the money each month.  With self-employed, it's once or twice a year.  Scotland would have to borrow money, wouldn't it, especially in the early years?


I can't see a currency deal with Westminster working.  Scotland wouldn't have automatic membership to the EU.


There is no guarantee that companies will stay in Scotland and want to trade from (or with) Scotland.

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I see the "Yes Shetland" Facebook page have posted yet another thread about how Shetland will not(and cannot) go for it's own independance.


Yep, you read right, Yes Shetland say Scotland can have a vote on independance but Shetland can't.


I can't reply to the thread because four weeks ago the Admins of the page blocked me for promoting Home Rule for Shetland.


Disapointing to hear a certain "Freelance Journalist and Music Promoter" say on Good Mornng Scotland yesterday(BBC iplayer 01.10.)that it was only a "vocal minority" who want to see Home Rule for Shetland or a return to Norway.


Whatever the true percentage, I don't like being refered to as a "vocal minority" as if I'm some kind of rabble-rouser.

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Exactly.  One minute they're boasting about welcoming "open debate" on the page then the next they're removing anybody whose line of questioning they don't like!.  Open debate, as long as it fits their Yes agenda...... 


I don't think folk realise just how bad "Yes Shetland" have been at silencing anybody who disagreed with them.


Time after time I saw posts by the Admin that "Buster"(a ginger cat that is the face of the page)  had "dealt with" another so-called "Troll".  They would even brag about how many minutes the apparant "Troll" lasted before "Buster" got them.


It was obvious to me that these so-called "Trolls" were simply people who didn't tow their biased Yes line, disagreed with them or asked an akward question.

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It's not in the oil companies interest to slow down production on known healthy assets to piss off a country. Where they have plenty of capacity elsewhere to make up the slack they might do it but at the end of the day they're in it for the money. In the short term they'd see how things were going to work with an independent Scotland and if it didn't broadly go along with their agenda they may start pulling out. Many of the fields and rigs across the north sea have already been sold off by the big two anyway, it's the smaller companies using them and I can't see Salmond wanting to piss on their cornflakes too much.


PAYE by the last few firms I've worked for is paid monthly. It's done automatically when the salaries and weekly wages are transmitted. True smaller firms don't do it that way but even the smaller guys I sub contract stuff to do a monthly return because they can offset CIS tax deductions against the payment.


The currency while a big issue is far from a definite no from Westminster, if Scotland voted yes they have to come to the table. If they come to the table with a big long list of no and get stuffed it impacts negatively on what's left of the UK too. Personally I don't see currency union working but that doesn't mean Westminster won't agree to one if it keeps the economy on a more stable footing.


Immediate EU membership is not guaranteed but I don't see them refusing membership. Personally I'd rather stay out of it so EU membership really should be decided by a referendum in an independent Scotland.


I'm not a yes campaigner and I don't intend to vote that way but some of the hysteria being created to nudge people to vote no is plain wrong. In saying that the uncertainty is just that, the white paper doesn't answer some questions because it can't and nobody can until the negotiations are held and the items discussed. Independence is a punt a gamble anyone voting should view it as such. There are no guarantees that everything will be great but that doesn't mean everything will turn to rat crap either. What it comes down to is the status quo better than what an independent Scotland could be.


What I'd say to anyone voting next week is what do you thinks best. Nationalism is all well and good but when it comes down to it you need to think what is best for you and who come after you. Firing on Braveheart the night before or getting apoplectic with rage because an English person said jocks piss off shouldn't be your motivator for voting yes it should be you firmly believe it will be because it is a good thing. Either way think before you put your mark against whichever option.

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^ That being the case, the sooner all of them are thrown out on their ear, and all their plans with them, the better. The EU has destroyed the UK, we should never have touched it with a barge pole, and the sooner we kick it in to touch and try and salvage whatever remnants are left the better.

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I have a question!.


There are approx 1800 construction workers in Shetland just now but am I right in thinking their votes don't count in relation to the Shetland count?.


Is it only folk who have a registered home address in Shetland?.




Have to be registered as a voter at a Scotch address.

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