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Random Flash and Java update spam

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Try it in context, though it may not suit your point you so dearly like to labour



Though, I would not click on any link that just appears, similar to the one on here earlier.

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Regardles of the right and wrongs of the statement I made, it was in the best interest. But it is good to have a go as well. So, thanks for pointigh that out.



Well, the statement you made


"It is the scam we have all been warned about in the media."


was completely wrong, so it could not be right regardless of whether it was in the best interest or not.


Not having a go, just remarking that updates for java cannot lock your computer and demand a bitcoin ransom, alas. 

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It was the flash player that popped up...



hence.... http://malwaretips.com/blogs/flash-player-update-removal/


Scams are getting more sophisticated, I for one will not be clicking on a link that appears without prompt, especially if the text of the link does not match the address, to me, and probably many, anything could happen.


If you say it will not invoke any Malware that could do any damage or go as far as demanding a ransom, that is your advice. If it was the standard Flash update via a third party to get their software onto you PC, who knows.


If I have caused anyone not to click on any links that could have a negative effect, I appologise. If my information was exagerated, for that too I appologise.


As for being called a fool, hey ho. Then, as we know... Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. ;-)

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