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Shetland words typography

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Been awie fur a start but tocht dat I wid mibbe post sum o' da pictirs dat I hiv been playin aboot wie.  Dis is pairt o' an ongoin' (hopefully) series o' wirds whin I fin da time tae wirk wie dem.


At sum point I might throw dem aa tegidder in a collection o' sorts.














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Pooks, yon is really ingenius!.


I'm felt for a lang time dat we need tae be making da Shetland Dialect/Words more visual.


I got yon peerie book yesterday "Mirds o Wirds" an overall it's great peerie book because it brings tagidder words wi photos.


One peerie thing for me is da spelling of "Caavie". "Moorie Caavie" comes fae Old Norse "Kavi"(Snow).


So, personally I would spell it "Kavi".


Oh, wait, I'm just realised dat's even in my name ahaha!.


Dunna forget "Hansper" for "Spaegie" too.



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:) - I hiv been cross-referencin' da spellin' wie J J Grahams interpretation in da auld Shetland Dictionary.  Dinna blame me!  Fur instance I wid use "Platch" instead o' "Platsh" but stuck wie da dictionary tae keep things simple.  Mony a wird will differ dependin' on whit pairt o turdlin' you hail fae. :thmbsup

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Great concept Pooks. Likin it.


Always been ponderous on the "Moorie" as in people saying "Blind Moorie" for blizzard. Was / is this not a mis-print/saying and should be "Moorin" aka "Blind Moorin" as in can't find your way in to your boats mooring due to blizzard conditions? Happy to be told otherwise.

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