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Timber House Insurance


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Does anyone know of any companies that insures timber clad houses.  All the main players seem to shy away as soon as they hear the house is built from wood.  I think they imagine a shed in a field that will blow or burn down imminently. The company I'm with provide mediocre insurance and it's up to £458 per year for a three bedroom bungalow.



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Adrian Flux & Naturesave seem to get mentioned  a lot on google search. As MuckleJoannie says, try TLDallas as they will obviously deal with a lot of folk with wooden properties. I only pay for contents, but even that is over £230 for a 2-bed so I doubt you'll see much saving from shopping around - although you might get better cover for the money.

The big names just aren't interested in "unusual" buildings as it involves them having to think - they just go for the easy money. It's the same for car cover up here, MoreThan being a particular culprit I seem to remember.

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John Lewis will do it. They have 2 options, one ordinary (with 3 cover levels) and one 'specialist' inc timber frame houses.

Ours is stone clad timber frame, and comes under the ordinary one. If it's all timber then it might come under the 'specialist' one.




Had to deal with them before and they are really nice.

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