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money,lies and suffering

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Why do the shetland islands council go out of their way to spend all our money on utter crap and make people miserable ?

they seem to want to just run places like north roe and the skerries and whalsay into the ground they dont care one bit about people they just seem to want to spend all the money on things that either dont need doing or building things that dont need building totally wasting money,they waste all our money and then have the cheek to plead poverty,if they spent money on things that have a meaning or priority then they would have money lots of money spare in the kitty.

After blowing all our money on utter crap they then shut schools because they say they have no money to run them or they blow loads of cash on fuel running ferry's when they could build bridges or tunnels and save lots of money in the long run but i guess that this would all be to simple for a simple minded council who seem to deliberately go out of their way to make life hard for shetlanders,i can honestly say that i have never experienced such a group of badly organised idiots as the S.I.C they are living in a fairy world and are very narrow minded and stupid,oooh and they are very spineless and tell big fat lies to people,i think that if they are going to shut some of the primary schools then they should move over  and let the kids take over the council as then we might get a fair roll of the dice and things might run more efficiently

Absolute turd is my opinion of the S.I.C 

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they have to support their uncles , cousins ,brothers,in-laws and others i will not name to save embarresment on projects that fill their coffers untill holyrood takes control we will suffer at the hands of a corrupt underhand bunch of b?><:<>ds i hope they reply to my accusations and explain their motives        john has spoken

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