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Hah! I bet many of you thought this thread was going to be about Shetland!


...No, mearly a daft idea as I'm watching "No Escape" on channel 5 .. yes, I know!! :oops: and having a beer!


Anyhow .. for those unfamiliar of this film - it runs in the same vein as Escape from New York, where in this case an island somewhere, instead of Manhattan Island, is used to send prisoners to... forever basically .. as there is is "No Escape" funilly enough!


So.... the question is - how barbaric would it be to send "life sentenced" prisoners to an island such as one of the uninhabited Islands off Scotland per say, where they are there for life with no parole should they commit such heinous crimes such as murder, rape, etc. etc. ... and or anything else we as a civilised society saw fit to stick them there for!?


They are there basically for ever to live among themselves and act out their own society!


Now .. that would scare the piss out of me if I knew I was going to be sent to somewhere like that! Would you not think twice about committing an act of crime?


It would also save all the millions of pounds wasted on todays "prison reform" system! ...

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I've nothing against the idea in principle, but considering the number of cock ups and false convictions our justice system has to it's "credit", I think you could only realistically consider it for repeat offending murderers, rapists, paedophiles etc, who'd been convicted of a second or more offense(s) that they'd committed after already completing a sentence for an identical crime.


That said, the U.K. tried the idea once upon a time in history, and look at what happened, we got Australia. :?


(No offense intended to Australians, I count Australians among both friends and a few distant relatives, and almost all Australians I have met have been thoroughly nice people....butttt....I don't think Australia 2006 as is, was part of Britannia's master plan when she established a penal colony).

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