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Identity in the Shetland Islands study - participants needed please!

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Hey there!


I am just entering the final year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge, and to complete this years grade I have chosen to enter a Dissertation project investigating the ways in which contemporary Shetland Island inhabitants construct their identity. Due to familial connections to close relatives in Northmavine and an academic concern for "rural" community politics, the development and contestation of identity on the island group is of immediate interest to me.


I'm up here for about 2 weeks until the 20th of July, if you could donate a bit of time to be interviewed I'd be very grateful! 


I'll happily listen to anyone (those born/ raise elsewhere, but now live here more than welcome!), please drop me a message on here and I'll send over a copy of my research statement and a supporting letter from my supervisor. Generally the more replies the merrier, i'll be happy to arrange myself to your schedule.






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Thanks for your responses!!, if you could drop me a message at my email (jc786@cam.ac.uk) i'll send over the supporting documents! I'm here until the 19th July, so if you're in Lerwick sometime just let me know and i'll try to make myself available at your convenience.


- Joe

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Hello all,


it turns out that the Shetland Islands is proving an interesting topic and have encountered a masters student from America investigating the local politics of the Scottish Referendum! 


So, if you're confused about any similarly worded posts on the forums it is not a duplicate but an equally interested chap who I'm sure would welcome the wonderful support I've received from the community so far.


- Joe

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