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safety issue cunningsburgh


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HI does anyone know what and who is building something at longwell in cunningsburgh it looks  like it made from old pallets in the water , 

I had to warn some children from playing in it this morning it's looks like a bit of a death trap , worried it may hurt some young folk

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Guest benjiboy

yep I think its the captain of Forvik`s latest fantasy ive seen local lads playing around it not sure its a death trap but its  a bit of an eyesore

but wouldn't want to be in it if it collapsed

has anyone asked the council to see if its safe bet the locals love it

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Thanks benjiboy I've told my clan to stay away from it I may ask the council if they are aware of it hate to think something serious happened with kids on holiday 

its more than an eye sore pleased  I don't overlook it

Someone else has told me it was his latest raft maybe he's sailing away bigger islands to invade

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