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Karndean Flooring


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Fitted 32m2 a year ago to out kitchen/dining room - maintain? Just sweep up and wash. Strangely we fitted it over a real oak floor, we knocked the wall down between the 2 rooms only to be left with a gap between the 2 floors, but there was also a step of about 15mm in height and the boards didn't line up so there was no simple way to keep the oak floor.


We do have a couple of small dents in the floor that were caused by metal feet on a dining chair, other than that it copes well with family life incl dogs and cats.


Might be worth looking at the new quik step stuff, similar idea but slots together rather than glueing it down - only released in uk last sept so too late for us.

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I put Kahrs flooring down in the house 18 months ago. 'Proper' Oak bonded onto the base materiel.


It is a very good 'real wood' flooring system. Once you get the knack, it is simple to lay and can be disassembled easily.




Go to Buildbase and ask to see the 'Shetland Oak' (seriously) version - the price is very good.

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