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Bressay Chain Ferry


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"It may be a need to lessen crews, due to the staggeringly high wage SIC are paying ferry crew members, they have left and taken far poorer paid jobs in the private sector. How very dare they." Shetlandpeat


I'm on my phone so can't quote directly. I would like to know how what a "staggeringly high" wage is? Also where you got your information from?


Or actually I can't be bothered. You seem like one of these people who has a vast knowledge of everything and has to comment on every thread.

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I reckon most of the large oil related traffic uses the sooth mooth at least 95% of the time and that it is safe to enter the sooth mooth 95% of the time. If big boats don't get in afore really severe weather the safest option is to dodge until the weather is suitable to berth safely.


It would be entirely valid to fill in the north mooth we a causeway either entirely or with a 15 - 20 metre gap for pleasure and fishing vessels.


Stick a tide generator in to satisfy the green minded.?

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With the correct design of opening bridge you would have unlimited air draft , Most skippers of big vessel's will take one look at the chart and go for the sooth mooth regardless of the extra distance to steam or weather.

It would be interesting if somebody from harbour would publish the figures of what passes through each mooth ....

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I don't have figures myself, but there is an awful lot of oil related movements out the Nort Channel.


To be honest it's as much if not more than using the sooth mooth.


A bridge in that area may be the obvious choice but unless the LPA are satisfied by the type and position, i think it's unlikely ever to get built.


With high winds etc i still think a tunnel is the way to go.

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I can't see a bridge ever happening due to the movement and size of shipping now.  See that huge oil ship at Holmsgarth?.  It came in the north mooth so you'll need a height that is safely above such vessels.


A bridge would need to be so horrendously high that even a stiff wind would feel like a mini-gale.


A tunnel, yes.



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