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A few facts about the EU that you may not be aware of?


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A few facts about the EU that you may not be aware of?


1 - If Scotland joins the euro, then it will mean handing over control of its interest rates and therefore house prices and employment levels to the EU bank ion Germany.


2 - If Scotland joins the EU then it will also have to take on part of the EU £1.200 billion pension debt. Our pensions will be further placed in peril. Scotland will have to share every other country's debt and our average debt will rise from £4000 per head to £30000per head.


3 - Over £5 billion is lost in the EU each year because of corruption. The money just disappears? No one does anything about this. All officials working for the EU have lifetime immunity from criminal prosecution. No buildings occupied by EU officials can be searched and archives are inviolable.


4 - Membership of the EU costs each individual country's £1,250,000 per HOUR. 


5 - The new European police force Known as Europol have no need for extradition processes because they will have rights across all national boundary's. Members of Europol are immune from prosecution for acts performed in the exercise of their duties.....


6- Under EU law it will be possible for Europol officers to arrest Scottish citizens on (suspicion) of intending to commit a crime....The thought police are here!


7 - One of Europol's first buildings was once the home of the Nazi Gestapo and Adolf Hitler was apparently the first person to openly speak about creating a new European super state.


8 - Accused prisoners in Scottish courts will soon not have the right to see evidence against them before they are committed to trial. That's in response to an EU ruling. 


9 - Another EU ruling means that the prosecution will soon be able to keep trying a defendant until they obtain a guilty verdict. Double Jeopardy is coming to a court near you. 


10 - Under EU law, the presumption of innocence does not exist. The lay magistrate system is to be abandoned, Magistrates courts are to be closed and there will be NO trial by jury....no more innocent until proved guilty.


11 - By the mid 1980s the number of laws created by the EU bureaucrats had exceeded the number of laws passed in the first 700 years of parliamentary democracy. The EU passes 300 new laws, Directives and regulations each year. Our MEPs play little or no part in approving this legislation, they are just employed to make it look good.


12 - The EU plans to redefine terrorism as acts which seriously affect the political, economic or social structures of a member state or political organisation governed by international law. Read that carefully and you will see the scope that this new definition will offer the police. Obviously any company or political organisation will fall into the category of an organisation governed by international law. Under this new definition, anyone leafleting or writing an article criticising a multinational corporation will be classed as a terrorist. Anyone who writes an article opposing genetic engineering will be a terrorist since what they do will seriously affect the economic structure of an organisation governed by international law. Anyone publically or privately criticising a political party in power will be classed as a terrorist. It would be illegal for me to give you a list of side effects caused by a prescription drug. 


This new law will be added to the existing list of Libel and to the mass of national and EU laws which exist to protect governments and multinational.


13 - The EU has been compared to the former Soviet Union, there is a council of ministers (ruling clique) The European commission (Politburo) and a parliament (supreme soviet)The rulers are unaccountable to the people and are contemptuous of them. The people in power cannot be fired or held accountable to the people.


14 - The EU has passed a directive on Dietary supplements which will ban over the counter sales of effective vitamin therapies and other natural remedies within the EU This new ruling was a cause of some considerable celebration for the international pharmaceutical industry. For patients and freedom it was a terrible blow.


15 - After the people of Ireland had voted NO to joining the EU, the Irish government received enormous funding from the EU in order to promote a TV and media campaign to coerce the electorate into a 2nd vote. That funding came from our taxes.


16 - Rubbish collection in Ireland now has to be paid for on a what you dispose of basis and costs are sky rocketing, many family's living in poverty are forced to hoard rubbish and this has resulted in an increase in vermin and health issues. Some garages have skips which charge 5 euros to dispose of 2 small bags at a time.


17 - Free health care was abolished in Ireland after the EU took over i.e. no NHS. Its now 50 euros for you or your children to see the doctor.


Does that sound like Independence to you?

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on the grapevine today England will set punitive exchange rates for the Scottish pound wil the Scottish Parliament be allowed to increase the income tax on the English people living in Scotland to offset the difference or will they have to declare a level playing field with England and accept that the Scottish people do not like Westminster politics and it would serve them best to accept the outcome and try to increase trade with Scotland in their favour ?

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There is still an issue with multi-nationals and pensions. I have been in a meeting with BAE people and this is still problematic. BAE Scotland, if it happens will have to, as an off shore part of BAE will have to self sustaining. This will in turn have to be paid for. Either the English section of the pension pot will have to give the Scottish pension of Scottish BAE enough cash to enable this, leaving it very short of funds. The pension fund, due to issues in the past had much of the infrastructure signed over to it to keep it afloat and viable, this includes the main manufacturing areas and runways. The other option is to dramatically increase contributions from both employee and employer, of course, this will have a tax implication, of the Scottish tax payer bails it out.

This however may be by the by, BAE have already started to look at removing its ship building operation from Scotland, the work will be pulled, this is due to a number of issues. A number of other companies that work with BAE will also reduce their presence.


Scotland wants Trident off Scottish land within 5 years, however, this will not be logistically easy, the quoted times are at least 10-15 years,


Scotland will have to look at NATO and UN membership. There is a possibility that they may not be able to become members.


The NHS in Scotland will not have the same buying power as they do now. National contracts will not be applicable, the costs will be more. One serious issue is there are some sevices that Scotland needs in the South, some specialised areas such as Tropical diseases.


Thankfully, the oil will pay or compensate for all of this.

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I don't know a lot about this but I do know about the healthcare situation in Ireland as I have family there.  Yep, it's 50 Euros + to see a G.P. depending on where you live.  Attending an A&E will knock you back 100 Euros never mind the rest.  There is no free or subsidised dental care or eye care.  It wasn't thus before Ireland joined the EU.


There is a safety net for the unemployed, disabled and chronic sick.


All in all, I wouldn't like to live there.

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Good post Ed.

I particularly like the Greek story:

There was a man called Lucas Papademos, who as head of the bank of Greece, cooked the books so that Greece could join the Euro. Everyone knew that the Greek economy was no where near the criteria required. For his trouble he was appointed deputy head of the European Central Bank.

As the years went by the French and German banks (partially at the behest of the French finance minister - Christine Lagarde) flooded the Greek economy with cheap credit to shore up its position within the Euro.

When the inevitable and widely predicted crash came, the Greek premier Papadopolous was summoned to Berlin and told he had to impose sever austerity on the Greek people. (This was real austerity, not the mild rebalancing seen in the UK).

He quite rightly said he had to put the matter before the electorate so the troika (ECB, EU Commision and IMF headed by the self same Christine Lagarde who had partially caused the greek collapse) removed him from office and replaced him without the inconvenience of elections, completely contrary to international law.

And who did they replace him with?

None other than Mr Lucas Papademos who caused the collapse in the first place.

Isn't the EU nice?

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The Greeks have found out that they no longer run Greece and that they are beholden to bankers..  How long before the rest of us discover(?) that the same is true of every country enrolled in the EU.?






Cameron promised a referendum on the EU if he got re-elected.  Must be sick as a parrot now that he has an outright majority and is obliged to follow through. 

Wonder what "dirty tricks" will be played to lose the parliamentary vote.

Wonder what the all important (and probably much watered down) "Question" will be.




I also wonder what would happen if we (collectively) said "stuff it where the sun don't shine" to Brussels.


I don't think that the much vaunted "re-negotiation" is going to cut it with the majority of voters.

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