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Photo of SNP Leader Arthur Donaldson with Hitler Youth in 1937


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Photo link of SNP leader Arthur Donaldson with Hitler Youth in 1937.



Adolf Hitler was apparently the first person to speak openly about a new European super state.


One of Europol's first building was once the home of the Nazi Gestapo.


Kind of says it all really SNP/Hitler Youth and the EU....



Link to photo - Scotland.com/forums/Scottish-politics/29811


If for some mysterious reason you incur tech difficulty's in loading up the link, then go directly to the website.

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He wasn't the only British Nazi sympathiser before WW2






anti-Semitism which was rife among peers, MPs, knights of the realm and other leading society figures at that time. Those listed include the 5th Duke of Westminster, the second Baron Redesdale (the father of the Mitford sisters) and the famous aviator Lord Sempill who was later suspected of spying for the Japanese. Others named are The Earl of Galloway, Lord Carnegie, Lord Ronald Graham and William Joyce, who later achieved notoriety as Lord Haw-Haw, broadcasting propaganda from Germany .
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"Ramsay was a run-of-the-mill constituency MP. Born in India, educated at Eton and Sandhurst, he was an officer with the Coldstream Guards"


Interesting read although, there do seem to be a few opinions mixed in with the facts.


However, it seems to me that nothing much has changed down the years..

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Not that I have any love lost for the SNP, but I'm not sure what this thread is trying to "prove".


British individuals, both Scots and English, political minded and aristocracy, too numerous to mention were sympathisers if not supporters of Germany's Nazism. A photo appears to show a past SNP leader in the company of a few Hitler Youth, so what? There are no end of photos out there appearing to show Chamberlain shaking hands with Hitler himself. Oh, and you don't need to look very far to find photos of HM Queenie Bess standing apparently quite happily shoulder to shoulder with Robert Mugabe.


Everybody in positions of power and public office are likely to get their hands dirty from handling their compatriots from elsewhere from time to time. Had he come back and actively set up a flourishing UK Nazi party of today, that would have been one thing, but the party he helped leave behind is one which has modelled itself more on Stalin than Hitler, so maybe his encounter with Hitler Youth had the effect of teaching him what not to become rather than who to emulate.

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