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Car tax disc to be axed after 93 years

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I was reminded this is happening when I renewed the road tax for my car today. No longer will you be able to check if that car that has been standing in your road has been abandoned just by looking in the windscreen. No longer will you need to stick a notice in the windscreen saying "tax disc applied for". The tax disc is going the way of the man with the red flag walking in front of the car.




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I suspect the thinking behind it is that they make money as isn't there an admin charge for claiming back road tax?



You sure?


Could be wrong but, I read that any outstanding VED would be refunded automatically.




It isn't "Road Tax".  That was abolished in 1937......

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You are right Colin.  The VED is refunded automatically, but only for complete months remaining, when the DVLA are notified that the car has changed owners.



If you sell a vehicle after 1 October and you have notified DVLA, you will automatically get a refund for any full remaining months left on the vehicle tax. The refund will be sent to the keepers details on DVLA records so you need to make sure that these are correct.



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Obviously and annoyingly another hit at the motorists pocket, as if the road tax is not dear enough, they they penalise you for selling your car. This will also mean that any prospective buyer will not only have to fork out for insurance, but road tax as well before they can drive the car away.


There is no reason why the DVLA cannot refund parts of a month, any bairn with a calculator can break a months cost down to days and work out what the true refund should be.


If and when I sell my car, I will make sure it's on the last day of the month :-)

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he misses the point yet again. Very few folk, in the past, would have applied to get their road tax refunded when they sold their car and therefore the tax was only paid once. The new system means that the DVLA will now in a lot of cases be paid twice for the same vehicle being road taxed.


Therefore what has happened in the past has been changed and this seems an unfair new system. Best solution is to refund the full unused tax. Simples and fair.

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I think that the fundamental change is the hidden(?) fact that it is no longer the vehicle that is being taxed but, the owner.


Time was, you could buy a car with 3 months tax on it and not have to worry about it's legality because the outstanding VED 'came with the vehicle' (unless it was 'cashed in' by the previous owner).  Now, you have to tax it immediately because the outstanding VED is not transferred with ownership.

(I wonder if anyone will be booked and 'criminalised' by the feds whilst driving their new purchase home?)


OK, so the (whole month(s)) refund is paid to the original owner and the residue (days) disappears(?) into the coffers which is, imho, significant but, not a vast amount for the treasury.

This is no different to the 'old' refund practice except that the middle men (garages etc.) no longer get to cash in outstanding VED on trade-in's as a 'hidden' profit.


Personally, I think that the DVLA should have left things as they were as the new scheme seems more that a little 'cock-eyed'.  What's the betting that they mess up?

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