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where to buy reasonably priced leather sofas?

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Hi. Do most people in Shetland buy there furniture from town, or is there places south that are island delivery friendly?


I'm after a 3 seater + 2 seater and possibly an arm chair, all in leather. Hoping to keep cost below £1000, but I know that might be like asking for to much.


Any shop suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Very's furniture delivery is £8.95 - however if you dig around in their T&C's you'll find their disclaimer about delivering to remote areas. So VERY unlikely to be able to get a suite from them  :roll:


Last leather 3+2 I got was from the Bargain Centre 8 years ago and it was still looking top-notch when I sold it on last year. However I do agree with rum lover, Muddy Bay do have some nice stuff.

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I have had 2 three seater sofas delivered from very.co for a charge of £6.95, the charge might be £8.95 per order now .I have also had fridge freezers and washing machines and cookers delivered for the same charges. I priced all items locally before ordering online just don't take there credit as I think it's about 26%.

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