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The shortest lense I've got is my 24mm on my old Ricoh SLR. I don't use it that much, but it's great for buildings. You can give buidings a real sense of scale by getting up close and looking up through the 24mm. It exagerates perspective but not to a "fish eye" degree.


What were you thinking to use a fisheye for?


I had a look at yun Panasonic and it looks good. What kind of lense mount does it have? Is it a mount specific to Panasonic cameras, or can you use anything else with it?

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Basically I was thinkin tae use it for buildings, lik du said. Also there has been a few times where there were skys and landscapes I was photographing, and I thought "a fish eye wid be the buissiness fir this".


The lense mount is specific tae Panasonics, which is a peerie bit annoying. The peerie ring comes aff, and the threads are a differant size than any other make lenses I have seen. Also another annoying feature about it is the fact that I can only get the shutter speed down tae 1/2 second. It might be that I am doing something wrong, but I'm no sure.


I've been trying tae recreate the fish eye look we my computer, but it's just no the same. You need tae be able tae have the fish eye fae stage one before you get it's maximum impact, otherwise it just looks lik it's been done we a computer.


Next fine night we get, I might pinch dad's SLR and go and set it up somewhere we a 10 minute shutter speed.

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It's a Nikon D70.


.......... would like to get my hands on a Canon EOS350d. Seems to be the best 'bang for the buck' as it were. Any arguments?


Totally off topic of course...



I'm led to beleive that the 350D is poorer in terms of performance than the 300D it superceeds. Good value, but maybe not the best. I'll get back to you on this once i confirm my info.

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Yins what I wid of liked (had I had the cash!)


I'm looking intae fish eye and wide angle lense kits for my camera. Has du used dem afore? Dad has eens on his SLR, but they obviously dunna work on my een. I've been looking for them for ages but they are really difficult tae find. I think my only choice is tae get een aff eBay fae America. They are aboot £80 fae there, but I wid probably get stung fir import tax. Has du ever ordered anything aff eBay fae America?


I feel lik Ann Robinson on the weakest link here with all my questions. BANK! :lol:


I've ordered camera stuff from the states before and had no probs with tax or anything else. The availability and range is vastly better than here, and dare i say that the resellers here are probably getting from the same source you are looking at :wink:


However! I got cheap stuff and quite rightly found that my lenses are made from recycled pint glasses :( which suited the purpose i bought them for but, if seriously buying then seriously research and seriously pay, all-be-it from america.

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