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I would not recommend using ASDA George online if you need something cheap but cheerful to wear. 2 weeks after placing the order and still no delivery. Customer services is an absolute joke, I kid you not. Currier Yodel customer service - even worse. Support the local shops as best as you can (or they will disappear) but if you are on low wages with high living costs like me and have to get some stuff cheap on line from sooth I would not recommend ASDA. 

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You (maybe eventually) get what you pay for with supermarket own brands or generics.


Much better off buying "as new" trusted brand stuff off ebay, Amazon etc, or local online Classifieds, usually significantly cheaper than new supermarket/generic stuff, and even with a little pre-wear lasts a whole lot longer.

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The problem turns out to be Yodel. I wont bore you with the details as it would take half the night to type it all in. After 3 weeks and still no delivery (all though Yodel stated 3 times that they had delivered) ASDA refunded my money. I needed the clays so I ordered from Tesco direct this time. 2 weeks later guess who the courier is and guess if I have received my order? If you are looking to buy mail order from sooth, especially for Christmas gifts make sure the company doesn't use Yodel to deliver. Okay I will bore you, below Is just 1 of many complaints sent (no reply as usual - apart from one message left on my phone from a very bored lad who basically told me to P** Off and stop bothering them) to give you a flavor of Yodels service standards.


I placed an order with ASDA George. 3 weeks later & still no delivery. When I 1st tracked the order Yodel had put the order down as delivered to me from Inverness (out on the van) to Shetland in 30 mins. Not bad going when you consider I live in Shetland, an Island 100 miles north of mainland Scotland and a 12 hour ferry trip from Aberdeen! After complaining to ASDA my "delivered" order suddenly reappear's in Inverness. 6 days later the tracking status is on the van in Inverness. 15 mins later it has been delivered to me again. Another complaint to ASDA and guess where my delivery is? Inverness! 2 Days later, 15 mins after being put on the Inverness van they have delivered it again. Outstanding I can only presume the "Inverness van" is the TARDIS on loan when the Doctor is not using it. I got a refund from ASDA, & re ordered the goods from Tesco. 14 days later no delivery from Tesco so I tracked my order. The courier that came up was Yodel! My hart sank. I contacted Tesco and my order has been lost. They have resent the order - guess by who? Yodel! If you see any one wandering around Shetland naked for want of a delivery from south that will be me. Thanks Yodel the worst courier bar none! I am off to Lerwick to LHD to buy some oily's so I can turn up to work in a pair of breeks.

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