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Chinese/Mandarin in Shetland Schools.

Kavi Ugl

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Well if the funding is only for a couple of years I would suggest the whole thing will turn into a pointless fiasco.

This language, even the sheer quantity and complexity of the characters, will prove far too much for our children to even begin to absorb.

Check it out yourself. Find out how many westerners have successfully studied this language, and how many years it took them to achieve an abysmal level of adequacy.

Most pupils in this country cant cope with a relatively simple foreign language, we have a poor record here in comparison to other european nations. God help us with this one.


Still at least the nationalists are not forcefeeding us gaelic yet. Whatever happened to the gaelic development plan? They were going to force every council in the country to have one, even in these islands where it has never been spoken.

Thank God we gave a resounding no in the referendum.

And hey! Wee eck wouldnt have been too happy with the football result either would he? Cant blame Gordon Brown for interfering and causing that result.

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Dry my eyes?.  Ahahaha!, what are you?, that singer guy "The Streets"?.




Ahahahaha. No.




My point is nothing to do with being insular it's about what's relevant to Shetland.


Relevant to Shetland to the exclusion of other teaching, that pretty much defines an insular attitude. You clearly don't think that's what you mean but it's how you're putting it across.

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As things stand we have more economic links with Norway(salmon industry and oil/gas industry) than with the likes of France.Scrap the old pointless languages of French and Latin and replace it with Norwegian. 


What economic benefit does the Norwegian oil and gas industry bring to Shetland? 


'The likes of France' on the other hand are currently completing the largest and most important construction project Shetland has seen since Sullom Voe. The 'likes of France' threw Shetland an economic lifeline,  but Shetland, on all accounts, rather than accept it gleefully, turned it down and chose to continue sinking. Presumably because they didn't want to 'play the oil card' or 'appear greedy'.


Salmon Farming - With the exception of the few brave and admirable local individuals who gutsed it out through the tough times of the late 90's and 2000's, Shetland seems happy to make do with large multi nationals based in Norway, Scotland, Poland, Canada (or whatever they may be I can hardly keep up with the rate of change) exploiting their natural resources, selling their produce to 'the likes of France' and sending the bulk of the income back to the parent. Not only that Shetland, seems content for the foreign multinational to pay the commission to  the British crown for the privilege of doing so. 


Shetland had her chance - She blew it. She can only hope that 'the likes of France' give her another one.

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The subsea modules for the Total project were made in Tonsberg, Norway.  It's Norwegian ships which have done much of the offshore work and installation.


Have you not noticed the number of Norwegian offshore support vessels that have been calling into Lerwick in conjunction with the west of Shetland projects?.


It's not about exports, it's about economic links with Shetland.  Highlands and Islands Enterprise seem to have noticed this and helped establsh the new Bergen-Sumburgh route.


I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

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