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Car rental on mainland

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Before hiring a car south check the feedback on forums such as trustpilot.co.uk.We thought we had bagged a bargain with Atlaschoice but if we had looked at the feedback would have seen the massive 1 star ratings they had received. When we arrived at Edinburgh Airport on the last flight and went to collect the car from Easirent - the company used by atlaschoice - they would not let us have a car unless we paid their excessive excess charge, we have our own excess car hire insurance and had taken ALL the documentation with us. So we went to Enterprise who could not have been more helpful and overall were cheaper than Atlaschoice turned out to be. Just look at the feedback there are so many issues with this company, we did not get as far as the condition of the car or fuel... The man at Easirent- the company used by Atlaschoice- was dealing with an Asian gentleman before us who was expecting a ford Focus as he had specifically checked this was the car he could have when he booked. He was told there wasn't one but could call back in two days and there might be one. When he left the hut the man at the desk laughed and said they had a few in but would not let him have one. So please look at the forums first and save yourself cash and stress!

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I'd always err on the side of "if it says easi-ANYTHING" then there will be a catch.


When hiring a car I usually check online for the best deal and then call the cheapest firm up and negotiate it down further. e.g.......


3 weeks ago I go a three day one way hire from Abz airport, dropping the car at Blackpool airport, for £107.00 all in (no additional excess insurance was taken). Great price and proves that there are deals to be had. The lass on the phone applied 2 discount codes that she had access to get it to this, so mind and ask.

That was with europcar, but have had similar in the past with Budget and (believe it or not) Arnold Clark by using he same principle of booking.

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