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Driving in Shetland


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I can remember (some time ago) when a guy got "done" for eating an apple whilst driving because he was not "in full control" of the vehicle.

I would imagine that any over zelous copper would nick uou for eating an ice cream (or whatever) if he had a mind to.


Don't need a specific law to enforce.  There's plenty already.

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At last it seems they are going to do something, but surely as I have said before it would be less disruptive and make a lot of sense to upgrade the old existing hill road from Cullivoe to Basta Voe.


I'm sure this would work out cheaper as they would be able to get on with the job with no disruption from traffic .



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I cannot be the only one who is being disturbed by, presumably young enthusiastic motorists,  being restricted in what speed they can do, have now turned their attentions to see how much noise they can make.

The rescue helicopter, landing /taking off , makes less noise than many of those modified cars. 

Some of the cars have the ignition advanced /retarded in such a way the vehicles back fire regularly. 

Modified exhaust systems

It's illegal to modify the exhaust system to make a vehicle noisier after it has been 'type approved' (checked it meets environmental and safety standards).

The police can also take action if your vehicle's silencer doesn't work in the way it was designed or if you're driving in a way that creates too much noise.

So where is the police !!!

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I would disagree with you on the "presumably young enthusiastic motorists". I have seen many driving around by who should know better, but still drive like a race car driver, because they have a big loud/fast car.

However, "74 decibels" Is the maximum level a car can make while driving on the public road, but cars in private car parks or land can. unless another law applies, ie disturbing the peace.

Without measuring device, the police cannot really do anything, and from what I understand we do not have a dedicated traffic department. So trained officers come up from the mainland every now and then.

However don’t put me down as one of those guys who is against “modified” cars. You will probably find that most in Shetland do have modification, towbars, lights, radios, paint, ect this is all fine in my books if its done and used lawfully. As the law stands, I don’t think change is needed, but in the case of extremely loud exhaust systems and backfire systems the can and probably should be applied a little bit more heavily.  

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17 hours ago, Urabug said:

the ignition advanced /retarded in such a way the vehicles back fire regularly

It's not the ignition, and it's not a backfire from the cylinders, the real reason is a probable de-cat and/or straight through exhaust. When coming off the accelerator from high rpm the intake vacuum is still high but with the fuel cut off, you get a lean mixture that doesn't ignite in the cylinders, that unburnt fuel will make it's way into the exhaust, when enough builds up, it ignites on the hot exhaust surface and you get that tell tale pop and crackle from the exhaust and the much prized flaming. Some cars do this on purpose from the manufacturer, obviously the more sporty models but still from the likes of Ford and VAG, e.g. Ford STS 24V6.

Still, quite illegal to de-cat but not to remove a silencer, and has been for quite some time, but if this does not get policed in an urban environment, which I can state that it does not except for when the rozzers are using it as a tool to disperse supermarket car park meet-ups, other than MOT checks, then I think you're on a hiding to nothing here in Shetland.


Under the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations (Regulations 61(7) and 61A(3)) and the Road Traffic Act 1988 (Section 42) it is an offence to use on a road a vehicle which has been modified in such a way that it no longer complies with the air pollutant emissions standards it was designed to meet.

I used to live many years ago for a time in a town centre near to the police station and county hospital across from a major dual carriageway and so now have nothing to complain about nowadays other than rabbits sneezing and the sheep yelling at each other. I have also typed a lot more waffle than I originally set out to do...

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Never mind when we are all electric ,then another problem no noise so we will never know they are there, need eyes in the back of our heads !

I'm sure the law has the means to control noise pollution, no matter where it comes from. 

Guess not enough folk complaining. 


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There seems to be a lack of Police presence in Da Toon about the nights. I suspect a lot of the cars would be illegal if stopped. Noisy exhausts, dodgy number plates and a fair bit of speeding. Not that I would like to see any speedtraps outside the town :roll:.  Being in a position of some responsibilty :oops: I have tried to call the local constabulary, late at night,  to ask them to intercede or even fly the flag, following complaints received and been unable to get a response by calling 101.  I didn't feel 999 was a suitable option. I understand they have been having manpower issues and they may have more important things to see to.

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