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Driving in Shetland


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@aaa22 - I did see the other two cars.  I don't overtake around corners either but where were the corners (plural) on your video?


Sugar, my FlipCam (HD) still shows poles and white lines merging together at 60mph! ;-)

No he pulls in just as the corner comes up because he cannot see around it so he squeezes himself in. you can see his brake lights are on the moment they come into to the shot.


A Flip cam! gosh how on earth can you put up with that in your window. they were pretty hopeless for action shots even in its day, I remember getting one and filming the bikes blurry and poor frame rates. got rid of it a long time ago. na get yourself a right dash cam. I have a mini DVR with the wide lens easily fits behind the mirror and does not distract you or block your vision. cost less that £30



Pffft, I'm not that anal that I want a dashboard cam ... the FlipCam did just fine with the passenger holding it.


Accelerate when overtaking, whack on the brakes once overtaken ... anyone would think nobody has ever done that on here judging my some of the comments.

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aaa22 it looked like a tight overtake but then you were following the orange car with a less than 2 second gap actually closer to 1 second than 2, as you have said you did not want to overtake you should have dropped back and left a bigger gap, if you had have done then the overtake by the golf wouldnt look so bad   

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The guy overtaking ballsed it up. 


It looks like his original intention was to pass both cars in one hit but, to his credit, realised it was too dangerous and had to hit the brakes to tuck in behind the lead car.

If his intention was only to pass the first car, then his assessment was still crap as he had to brake sharply to complete the manouver - he's reduced the space in between vehicles to a dangerous level and forced the camera car to decelerate to create safe distance. If that was one of my students carrying out an overtake like that, I'd be going over the basics with them whilst beating them over the head with a copy of the DSA Driving manual......  :thmbsup


Stone chip? TBH, that could happen at any time. But I'd be a bit p%ssed off as well if I got the screen hit in the situation we're talking about.

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Forgot to add (too late to edit above post):


Overall, not the best piece of driving I've ever seen, but it isn't really up there with the complete feckwits that one sees upon Her Madges' highways. Bear in mind that we all make errors of judgement and get  a bit impatient at times.

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Are these cyclists and joggers in Shetland trying to get killed?.


I've had the misfortune to come across three cyclists in the dark/half-light this week alone.  Two seemed to be heading for work with no lights or reflective clothing at all and the third one(this afternoon) had no reflective clothing and a light on the front that a magnifying glass wouldn't even see.


Then on Wednesday morning at 7.15am in the pitch black a jogger with black leggings and not much brighter top merrily jogging away on a main road in Lerwick.  Only when I appeared did she move onto the pavement. 


Then today, heavy drizzle, half-light and folk driving with not even a side light on(they're useless anyway).


Do people never learn or are they incapable of absorbing some common sense in relation to winter weather and driving?.


Put your lights on and let people see you're there   :evil:

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Seems to me that because of the fuss made over the installation of "speed retarders (humps in the road)" that they (SIC) have now decided to take a different approach to a "non-problem".


I suppose the "upside" is that a couple of 20mph signs are cheaper than the "humps" and a damned site more easily reversible whilst the "downside" is that somebody, somewhere, has decided that traffic along the Esplanade needs to be "calmed".

Er, why not try a couple of policemen?  After all, they have already been "paid for"  and shouldn't cost any extra. 


What I don't get is how out of touch Gary Robinson and Malcolm Bell are..    Gary Robinson appears to have "consulted" with the retailers association and, probably, no one else whilst Malcolm Bell seems to think that, now he has been elected, the electors are no loner entitled to opinion that is (contrary) to his beliefs.


Roll on the next round of elections..

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Dammit....  Just discovered that not only are they going to introduce a signed speed limit, they still intend to install "cushions" (?) as well.....


I suppose this is what happens when you employ a bunch on "numpties" who, in order to justify their jobs, draw up all sorts of silly plans, manipulate "statistics" and present (an almost) believable case to another bunch of numpties who do not (apparently) have the ability to see through the perceived "problem" and "corporate sprootle" to come up with a proper solution that will satisfy the people who elected them.  Assuming, of course, that a solution is required(?) in the first place and that they actually care about what the voters think of it all.


Not easy being a councillor if you are expected to "think" as well....

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It looks like the esplanade job is getting rushed through in the next few weeks so that the new council in May can't reverse the idiotic decision.


it is being rushed through as you put it because it is being funded by Sustrans not the council

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