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Driving in Shetland


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Well, it's that time of year again it seems..........


Snowy showers, poor visibility and based on what I've witnessed 70% of vehicles driving without any lights on - even in the snow showers.


I just can't fathom why winter after winter people don't grasp that it's about making yourself seen as much as being seen.


Do folk not understand that someone waiting at a junction with a half snow/slush covered driver's window will see you coming better if you have your lights on?.  


Do folk not understand that when someone is sitting waiting to turn into a junction with the low winter sun in their eyes they will SEE YOU coming towards them if you have your lights on?.  


Infact, in many situations YOUR HEADLIGHTS might be the ONLY thing they see.


Have you noticed that many Large Vehicle(buses, trucks) drivers have their headlights on all the time?.  That's because if you run into them you can't say you didn't see them.


:ponders:  :???:

Totally agree.

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Cheers sludgegulper, I see I've mis-typed my third line which should read "t's about making yourself seen as much as seeing".


Folk don't seem to understand that in snowy conditions your snow covered car(roof & bonnet) blends in with the snow covered surroundings.


It's a shame the Police/SIC don't produce a winter/driving awareness leaflet with some photos and put it in The Shetland Times.

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In Egypt, we were being driven by taxi from the Red Sea to Luxor in the dark.


And I mean dark.

They had no lights on because it would wear out or run down the battery!


Scary stuff!

Don't give them ideas!.


Mind you, I could well believe that's half the reasoning with Shetland drivers..........


"I can see nobody, and nobody can see me but I'm saving my battery and dat's da main thing"....... :rofl:  

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I will add that half covered windows and covered bonnet and roof is actually illegal. A vehicle should be completely cleared of any snow covering the body and snow and ice on all windows.  :cool:

Yes, that might be "the Law" but real life is different!.


Plus the fact, you may well clear your car windows before driving off but a heavy snow shower combined with road spray while driving may cover half of it again.


The standard of the roads here is not the problem, it's the standard of the driving........

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I have Michelin CrossClimates fitted to my car. They're the first summer compound tyre that works in winter conditions. They're also legal to use in winter in countries that require winter tyres to be fitted. I've had them since February and they are brilliant in all weather conditions we've had so far, including the recent snow. They're not expensive either unless you're the sort of person who fits Chinese crap to your wheels.  :cool:



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Just the other day while waiting at a junction for a car approaching from my right to pass it appeared to flash its lights and i nearly pulled out in front of it thinking I was being invited to pull out by some very considerate driver.


The fact is the driver was not flashing or indicating that i should do so,but simply going over a bump on the road and that those modern led headlamps are so focused that they gave the impression they were being flashed.


This is something that I have noticed several times recently but only became really aware of the problem as I nearly caused an accident.


So if you see a vehicle flash at you do not assume you are being invited to complete your manoeuvre ,they might just be going over a bump and not flashing at all..

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Actually the Highway Code more or less says that flashing lights is just meant to show that the vehicle is there and not to mean that the driver is going to give way.  And indeed a flashing indicator means just one thing.........the bulb works.  This I can vouch for having spent many years driving a vehicle where the indicators would only self cancel on one side.

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