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Fjarå Cafe

Kavi Ugl

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I didn't see an existing thread for the new Fjarå Cafe so started this new one.


I was there today at dinner time and sadly my first impressions were not good.


Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to give praise where praise is due but I won't be returning to Fjarå in a hurry.


To start with, It's a "lovely" new building and stunning view(if you're facing the right way) but the actual seating area is far too small and cramped.   


I'd been following the cafe on Facebook and was keen to try it but a few days ago I saw a Price List posted on their facebook page and thought "ouch"......


Nevertheless, I thought it would be worth a try and perhaps the portions would make up for any slightly high prices.


I was wrong.


I ordered/payed for Soup of the Day(Butter & Scotch) which was £3.50 but what I got was half a bowl of soup and, I kid you not, half a slice of diagonally cut bread. 


The soup was pretty poor looking with a film of "blobby" looking fat on the surface and the taste was nothing to write home about.


After finishing the soup though, I looked at the teas and coffees menu and was stunned to see "Tea for One" was £3.50. 


In other words £3.50 for a cup of tea.  And that's before I've even ordered a sweet to go with it.


Sadly, I just can't afford and wasn't prepared to pay such high prices(and for so little) so I just left.


If I had to mark it I would give 4/10.

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I totally disagree with the original post.  My Mother and I were in Fjara Cafe today at the exact same time as the complainer and had 2 bowls of sweet potato, pepper and coconut soup.  It came with 2 large slices of home made bacon and cheese bread.  In fact, this is probably the 6th time I have beento the Cafe since it opened.  Yes, there have been teething troubles, as there is with any new business, but the staff are polite, apologetic and very quick to rectify the situation. It's no wonde, as they have been inundated since it opened.  The service is much faster than many other establishments in Lerwick, the seating is comfortable, there is free wifi, excellent views and it is always busy.


Mareel's Cafe should take note! 

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As someone who works at fjara I can assure you we try our best to ensure every customer gets served as quick as possible and to make sure they are happy :) also just to note it is our loose teas that are more expensive. A standard tea bag only costs £1.50 :)

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