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Dogs on the plane?

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£10 per dog and maximum crate size is on Flybe's website.


However, despite LoganAir saying one thing and FlyBe saying another (plus the manufacturer saying the aircraft is suitable), they are NOT taking bookings for dogs on the new planes.  There was a right old thread on Failbook about this and they are now coming up with the excuse that they have no facilities to look after dogs should the owner fail to turn up at Sumburgh ... yet surely that shouldn't be a problem if unaccompanied.  So it looks like only tiny mutts that can go in the passenger section as opposed to the hold are only permitted at the mo.


All that said, some people seem to be able to book and others don't; guess it depends on the route and whether or not it is the new plane or not!  It is a bloody nightmare and needs sorting out.


British Airways' cargo handler has a link on their website to a PDF which outlines the various breeds which can't fly, together with those breeds which require additional crate space and how to measure the crate.


Hope the above helps.

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