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is it possible?


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hi just wonder what every-ones thoughts are

are we heading for a 3rd world war or are we too sensible?

just listening to the news all the conflicts through-out the world now the possibility of one with Russia/U|kraine

Don't know but, what has being 'sensible' got to do with it?


We are quite an 'atavistic' species (from Gremlins I think) and are always willing to fight anyone and anything.


Problem we have at the moment is that the american military/industrial complex needs a good war to keep it's balance sheets on the 'up'.  Casualties don't seem to matter to much to them as long as they are 'overseas'.


The rest of the world seems to be bothered by islamist extremists who, despite their atrocities, do not seem to be plentiful enough to cut everybodies heads off but, they are spreading.


Maybe a bit late now but, the only way I can think of stopping them would be for the various 'coalitions' that seem to exist amonst 'western' nations to stop bombing the hell out of them and leave them to sort their own problems.


Time, I think, for the government to consider re-arming and training the population. Just in case...

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