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I got a 19" Dell monitor from there the other day for £10. More like £30-£40 on ebay



Yes, there are bargains to be had but, also some pretty overpriced stuff in there as well.



An old Dell Vostro computer at an optimistic £80.  Worth £40/£50 at best but, if somebody buys it...???


There seems to be plenty of wages money coming from someplace around them anyway. Saw their van picking up a few bits and bobs the other day, with, unless I suddenly developed double vision, three guys manning it.


Now if two were "clients", and the other was driver/supervisor, cool, but from the way they were functioning two seemed to be paid staff, and the third *might* have been "client". Apologies to those involved if "appearances were deceptive", but assuming they weren't, the phrase "jobs for the boys" crossed my mind at the time, especially as the only thing I saw being shifted that needed more than one person was a pretty lightweight looking couch.

How do you manage to get three guys with your "double vision"? :ponders:



Maybe it was one guy and a midget?

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I was looking on the Shetland Home Co. facebook page and saw they are selling a broken kiddies play tent for £10.00. I couldn't believe that they would charge so much for a damaged toy - they helpfully point out that it " doesn't affect play" they dont mention how a child would feel getting a broken toy.


The people I know who buy their children toys from the scrapstore do it because money is tight, and £10 is a big chunk from the weeks money. Frankly anything that is broken should be free or 50p at best. 


Sort out your pricing COPE! 

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'Sort out your pricing'


Perhaps they have Mrs Miggins......  they probably need to keep the prices high to help subsidise all the jaunts that's happening.


Fair enough HIE is helping to fund the trips, this won't be 100% funding - COPE will have to pay its share?


I guess that now that COPE knows their main funding is secure for the foreseeable future, they are quite within their rights to go and talk about their successful social enterprise, I'm just surprised that they feel a trip to Milan is essential.


What's more important................ clients or glory?

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Well I am... almost lost for words!  Cope has kept that little nugget quiet.


It seems they can go gallivanting off all over the place when Disability Shetland are desperately trying to raise £10,000 to survive.


Disability Shetland helps disabled people across the isles through clubs and activities. A most worthwhile charity.



We offer a variety of clubs for both children and adults, ranging from sports and recreation, music, arts and crafts, games and much more! The focus is on having fun and building confidence through play and interaction!





I wonder how much COPEs jaunt is costing!

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I see COPE have been advertising for 4 more people to work for them. Its a shame they are not asking for more participants!! 
I also note the new website is up and running and stating that it provides over 100 placements a week - sound lovely, till you remember that a placement is either a morning or an afternoon. and that these sessions are split between:
1) The Home Co. which has 3 separate businesses the 'Scrapstore' , the Pet Shop, and the Rural Freight section
2) The Kitchen Co.
3) The Garden Co.
4)The Soap Shop.
5) The Orkney Soap Shop.
So its really 7 businesses, 2 of which employ 8 people full time between them ( last time I looked) this accounts for 80 sessions ( each full time employee accounts for 2 sessions a day = 10 a week)
This leaves 20 sessions, plus whatever the "over 100" in the website blurb is 1?, 5?, 10?, I somehow doubt its any more or it would be proudly announced. So lets be kind and say 30 sessions.... between the 5 business... not so wonderful now!
I am, as usual, happy to be corrected by COPE.
Funding support

The funding received from these two organisations provides assistance with core costs and supports the provision of over 100 employment skill development sessions per week. COPE Ltd has a longstanding and productive relationship with both organisations and values their ongoing committment to assist us to achieve our aims.                                                                                                                              




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I had my monthly visit to town this week and was pleased to see that the prices in the Scrapstore have come down to an affordable level again.


Glad to hear it, and looking at their Facebook page I'm not going to argue that there hasn't been some improvement, but I'd say there's still a bit of way to go. The things which are still grossly overpriced are now all the more glaringly obvious that there are fewer of them, and so are the cringeworthy pricing inconsistencies.


Two very similar washing machines on there, one three times the price of the other. A 2 + 1 + 1 suite for £50, yet another very similar in condition and quality two seater sofa almost next to it for £40.........

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Social Enterprise Awards Scotland 2015


I see in the Shetland Times that Ingrid Web from COPE has been ‘short listed' for section 11, the qualities on the application form (which is submitted by the company themselves)  are as follows

  • Represents excellence in their field of work
  • Inspires and empowers others to achieve
  • Demonstrates a commitment to diversity
  • Exhibits enterprising spirit and drive
  • Provides impactful vision within an organisation and/or the wider social enterprise sector.
  • Displayed moral courage and vision in making and delivering tough choices.


The last one in particular interests me given that the accounts for 2014 state

 Avg Staff in 2014 was 27 and 2013 was 29

 Avg Participants in 2014 was 31 and 2013 was 50


So Staff up by 2, Participants down by 19. Certainly some very tough moral choices there.



I went into the site www.companycheck.co.uk and downloaded for £2.00 the accounts for year 2014.  All a bit above my head I am afraid - but loads of information and at least it gives accurate figures for mulling over.


1 - Employee Costs fell from £694,433 in 2013 to £594,088 in 2014 yet the staffing levels fell on avg by only 2. (Don't understand that one)


2 - Participants Wages fell from £12,589 to £8468 in 2014 - they do not get much in the way of remuneration - but I accept that    their may be reasons for this.


3 - Avg Staff Management and admin - in both years was 3

     Avg Staff in 2014 was 27 and 2013 was 29

     Avg Participants was 31 and 2013 was 50


Supported Costs (which I assume is grant money) is paid to support the General office and finance staff-£65083, Management-£65021, Office costs-£19568, Legal & Prof-£7546 and Finance costs-£11176 - Total £168,394 down from 2013 £203,153.


I feel this supports what I saw the other day with more staff to participants.

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I can only assume that you, Sukibind have some form of vendetta with COPE.


The staff at COPE do a marvellous job and do not need the likes of you constantly trying to find fault with them.


If you do have a problem with the way things are being run i suggest you confront them face to face and also inform your local councillor.

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