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Parcel Couriers - Outgoing?

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Does anyone know if any of the local hauliers who are agents for Parcel Couriers, offer a reasonably priced and accessible service for sending items out of Shetland?


Considering sending a small item (No. 0 Jiffy bag/100g max) within the UK, which can't go Royal Mail/ParcelForce (and I can't wing it by just bunging it in the mailbox and hoping they don't catch on to what's in it, as the recipient's address gives that game away....).


Anybody sent (or tried to send) anything like this recently. Is it possible to do, and do at a price reasonably comparable to the mail?





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^ Thanks for that. Unfortunately MyHermes have a prohibited items list virtually indentical to Royal Mail's. It seems what I'm looking for is a Courier that is permitted to carry "Hazardous Material". :(


<rant> Honestly, all I'm wanting to do is send a petrol Zippo lighter back for repair - its not like theres any fuel still in it, but the fact its had fuel in it previously and may still have a slight whiff left on it, apparently that's enough to classify it as "Hazardous" - the world's definitely gone legitimately nuts.... </rant>

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