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Gmail spam filters have gone crazy.


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Has anyone else had trouble with Gmail spam filters scooping out loads of genuine emails this past week or so?  Currently about half of my normal / desirable emails are going into spam.  Not good!


Been aware of at least one other gmail user having similar problems.  I love gmail, so very much hope this is a temporary glitch.


How's everyone else's performing?  Cheers.

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Read your message and checked my junk box and it did have 3 emails from march that i would normally expect to see in my inbox, it even had one from somebody I have as a VIP on gmail. I'm not very knowledgable about these things, but that doesn't seem right. Hope its just a temporary glitch because I also really like gmail and have never had to check my spam folder for legitimate emails

Disclaimer....I could have moved them to junk by accident but I don't think so.

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