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R E T ..or road equivelent tarrif ...the cost per mile to transport by road ..the last time i worked it out it would cost us in Shetland almost double what we pay already on the Northlink Ferries the only ones who may gain is the inter island ferries (if the S I C DOES NOT HAVE A GET OUT CLAUSE ) correct me if i am wrong 

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How you you arrive at a definitive price per mile? There's a massive difference in unit cost between one person in a 15 mpg gas guzzler and fifty folk on a bus, or shifting ten ton, five hunderweight at a time in a Mini van compared to one run with a truck.

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The RET formula for calculating fares is a combination of a fixed element (to ensure services remain sustainable and to cover fixed costs such as maintaining harbour infrastructure and vessels) and a rate per mile (calculated by Transport Scotland analysts using contemporary independent research by the RAC).

That is the explanation on the Government website could be in chinese for all it makes sense

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Had a quick fare check not including islander discounts all journeys calculated at peak times, car and passenger....

Aberdeen to Lerwick - 83p per mile

Aberdeen to Kirkwall - £1.09 per mile

Compared these prices to Western isles ferry fares currently under road equivalent tariffs...

Arran - £1.28 per mile

Colonsay - £1.05 per mile

Coll - £1.33 per mile

Gigha - £2.18 per mile

Harris - 88p per mile

Islay - £1.21 per mile

Lewis - £1.08 per mile

North Uist - £1.08 per mile

South Uist - 91p per mile

To give an idea what ferry fares are like without road equivalent tariff Oban to Mull is currently a staggering £4.84 per mile, this route is changing in october this year to road equivalent tariff an will work out at £1.40 per mile

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The original CalMac/RBS bid from 0ctober 2002 for the Northlink Ferry Service ran it trouble and handed the contract back because it was uneconomical and the link below is Audit Scotland review of facts of the contract.




In August 2005 when the re tender contract was awarded the subsidy from the Scottish Government was £63 million.

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over a quid per mile. some fancy car it must be compared with. if above figures are correct and thank you capeesh for looking. then  we must come to the conclusion that the snp were correct to not introduce it up here. why would liberal candidate want it introduced.   

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