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Creationist Vs Evolutionary Theory

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you mean evolve into an adult :P


;) nice 1.


To get back on topic though .... ArabiaTerra has put forward something that I have oft considered, as in we cannot be sure of our written history 100% that was written not less than 100 years ago, let alone 1000 years.


The prose and script for one thing at that time, and not forgetting several translations later ...... well you get the gist.

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I agree.


Even if someone comes up with a bit of information on a subject today.. tomorrow someone will of found a small or big flaw that puts doubt on that particular theory.



Taking for example the recent find.. That they now think Cleopatra was a minger ( to use the technical term ) and all from a mangled coin found in the ground ( maybe wasn't the ground but found somewhere.. ( see I'm already changing the story :P ) Despite all the pictures found in literature and I assume her burial ground.. they have found one item that has changed everything about her.. Now that she has been announced a minger.. she will now be portrayed as a manipulative whore.. oh hang on she was.. :?


this argument being used on the Psychics thread is a good example.. and can be used on anything in my opinion.. people automatically hear something that is relevant to a topic they know something about and then it is changed slightly to be more relevant to what they know.. and then passed on ( Chinese whispers if you like )


By the way we don't really exist :shock:

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Vestigial limbs and organs.


Either God screwed up, or there's some reason why whales have the bones for a hind-leg.




It's all part of their evil plan for revenge - give them a couple of generations and they'll be roaming the streets of downtown Tokyo, biting the heads off sushi bar owners.

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"The rise of the retard"



It's about time we clamped down on this nonsense once and for all. These idiots poison the minds of children and hold back humanity in general. You might as well have a museum of general ignorance.

Cmon, lets just throw these tits to the lions so we can all get back to dealing with reality the way god or whatever intended us to.

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Introducing "Gigantoraptor"

Dah, dah, da, dee, dum.


The Creationist eating Dinosaur.


Hear them scream

Evidence that does not support dinosaur to bird evolution


Genuine fossils found with feathers are real birds, although sometimes these birds are flightless as for instance Caudipteryx. Dino-fuzz is no more than collagen fibres that form the surface structure of reptile-like dinosaurs.


invader wrote:

The bird, is it the evolution of the dinosaur.

Great Idea until you start to compare the lungs of the former with the present. There has to be BILLIONS of skeletal remains of dinosaurs whose lungs just didn't work for them as theyattempted to fly through the thousand and millions of years.

And where are they?

Belief is a concept that we develop when:

a) scientific proof is not available

B) scientific proof fails us

c) ignorance allows us to make up ideas

I put it to you that both evolution and creation are born out of a)

We have no proof that evolution exists. it is both theory and faith.

there is not one shred of hard scientific evidence that proves creation happened and in the same context that evolution has occurred.

As to there being any missing link fossils found then tell me what they are. In all my fossil hunting and studying of fossils I have never come across one.

Check again.

I have extensive knowledge in this subject) and we have found - NOTHING to support evolution.

You just gotta be kidding me :shock:

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I read the results of the most recent Gallup/USA Today poll of 1007 Americans, asking them about evolution and creationism. Not only was it appalling to see how many supposedly intelligent people indulge themselves by believing in the hocus-pocus of creationism, but further, I was confused by the results from two conflicting questions (below the fold), making me wonder how stupid is the average American?


These conflicting questions and their responses;


Do you think evolution, that is, the idea that human beings developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life is


True 53%

False 44%


Do you think creationism, that is, the idea that God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years is


True 66%

False 31%


Based on these results alone, I think it is safe to say that this country is in a heap of trouble. First, it is frustrating to see that supposedly intelligent and educated people do not overwhelmingly accept the theory of evolution -- a theory that is as close to a law as there can ever be in biology, by the way. Second, I am utterly confused as to how people can simultaneously espouse two conflicting paradigms for how humans came to be. Especially when one paradigm is a scientific theory based on evidence and repeatable observable experimentation while the other is based on a poorly-written ancient collection of books filled with allegory and mythology describing as much magic (and much more murder) as the average Harry Potter book? Can anyone out there explain these poll results?

The anti-evolutionists assume evolution is an attack on religious belief per se, and that evolution is an assault on morality and perhaps even the roots of society. By failing to recognize that evolution is a scientific claim focused on evidence, not a philosophical claim, they push the conversation onto ground other than the actual science. Some of them do so dishonestly, others just buy into it because they think everyone is talking about the issues that matter to them. Those people can be reached, if we can get them to shift the conversation. Only then will they be able to appreciate the evidence that actually exists.


OK I'm done now.

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