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Flybe "Spend & Fly" vouchers

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This scheme has replaced the old "Rewards for All" points system.

I tried to book flights today with my vouchers- you now have to phone Loganair, you can't use them online. I was pretty flexible with my dates, both 2 or 3 months ahead, but there were no flights available at all using the vouchers. The girl at Loganair was quite embarrassed & admitted that there seem to be very few flights you can actually use the vouchers for.

Anyone else tried to book with vouchers? Have you had any success?

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In the past, I rarely was able to book flights online under the old system and I then always phoned Flybe on their landline number (obtained from saynoto0870.com).


I was always able to book my flights as wanted although it sometimes meant Flybe contacting Loganair and phoning me back.


I have accumulated a large number of points under the new scheme, due to moving home and putting lots of expenditure through the card then paying it off straight away, but have not tried getting flights under the new system so far. I am not confident that Flybe will be as generous with their flights in future as they were previously.

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The truth,daveh I'm sure most people do not want vouchers and BOGOF(buy one get one free ) deals . 


I want simple straight forward,affordable reasonably priced flights. 


Most of us appreciate the high operating costs the likes of Flybe,loganair ect have to bear,but there is such massive differences in prices depending when and where booked thet one has to feel there are being "ripped off "


These consultative talks I fear will produce nothing, because Flybe/loganair have little or no competition.     

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Unfortunately due to the economies of scale neither Ryanair nor any other low budget airline will ever be interested in flights to Shetland.

Perhaps if we double or treble the population and the build runways  big enough for economic Jets then just maybe. Oh and you need a piece of flat land about 5 miles long running SW/NE to accommodate a runway and lead-ins areas to support landing aids.

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