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Alistair Carmichael memo leak and inquiry: should he resign?

Should Alistair Carmichael resign?  

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  1. 1. Should Alistair Carmichael resign?

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He says that he never saw the document.  I can visualise someone waving something in front of him going "Hey, we got this gem, can it be released to the press?"  Wouldn't surprise me at all if it was a case of "Oh, whatever" after getting partial info on said document when he really should have paid more attention.


Later, it's a case of "what document?" and he'd have to find it only to discover "Yikes, it was from my department!"


Fact the French are releasing their findings today (I think) makes it all a tad more uuuuuuggggggh.

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Shetnews has an interesting report on the story which clearly indicates our MP new all along who leaked the memo and who authorised the memo to be leaked.


To quote or MP "stuff happens" but being 100% responsible for leaking does make sure every little helps in trying to discredit your opponent.




If still a minister he would only "consider" resigning from that office.

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Lets face it, if Sturgeon didn't want it to come back and bite her ass, she should have kept her gob shut.


As for Carmichael, "all's fair in love, war, politics etc", its par for the course, he's a politician. Whether he resigns or not doesn't really matter, he's just a "face" in the system, if he's not in the big plush well polished seat, some other "face", almost certainly eqully as bad, if not worse will be. Its not about the person when it gets in to the corridors of Westminster or Holyrood any more, if it ever was, its about feeding the machine. SNAFU!

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I don't see why this is becoming factional. An M.P. has lied or is incompetent and should lose his job. At least put it to the people. I have nothing against Mr. Carmichael standing again if he thinks he has not done wrong and thinks he has the support. Maybe an independent could stand in a by-election to avoid this becoming divisive party politics.

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Not a problem who you vote for. The problem is he launched an inquiry at cost to the taxpayer to discover it was him behind it. Lets have a by election and let the people decide.


More money wasted by the M.P that is supposed to be working "honestly" on our behalf. Time for a wee by-election, methinks too!!!

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