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Vegan/Vegetarian Food Club


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Hi, my name is Mirja. I'm 28 years old, originally from Denmark, just moved to Lerwick.


I'm a vegetarian looking to meet new people and try out new recipes for both vegetarian and vegan dishes. I'd like to start a food club for like minded individuals who are interested in healthy eating.

My idea was to have a small club of 4-5 people meeting once a week or so, taking turns cooking at home for the group.

You need not be a vegetarian to join but I'd like to focus on trying new vegetarian/vegan dishes.

If you like this idea then contact me


07701384005 or smit.med.smil@gmail.com


and we'll arrange to get together at a cafe for the first meeting and take it from there.


hope to hear from you soon,


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(I do realise that your post is nearly five years old - so please forgive me if you have since left Shetland or are no longer a vegetarian, etc.)


Did you get any feedback about a Vegetarian Dinner Club on Shetland??


I (and my wife) have been vegetarian about 32 years (and our children were vegetarian since birth) and are hoping to move to Shetland in the next few years, so would be interested to hear whether anything took off.


Whatever your answer/silence, no problem.


All the best



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