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Mr. Garrett claims that there is always a berth available on the boat.  Well, today we tried to book 4 different trips for hospital appointments and NO CABINS were available down or back!  Lifeline service my a##se. So I think, when people cannot get a cabin, they just don't travel.  Usually, anyway.

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His argument will be the use of the word" berths" and not cabins. When will Northlink realise that a lot of people will not travel unless they can be in a cabin. I for one would not wish to sleep on a recliner, particularly on a rough night, amongst strangers no matter how plush they are meant to be. Time Mr Garret accepted the boats are not adequate, particularly during the summer month.


How often have we heard that folk cannot book a cabin. Do these so called "professional" people live in a different world or are they that used to spouting gobbilty gook that they really have little idea what's going on under their noses.


How long do they think they can get away with taking us for idiots?

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