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Satellite Broadband - Any users?


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I appreciate this has been discussed in the past but as I can't find any more recent threads.....


I'd like to know if anyone is currently using satellite broadband and if so how they are getting on with it, associated costs etc.


I've emailed the local company to discuss but would very much like to hear form people that use it.  I'm at the end of my tether with BT and have terminated my account so now need an alternative :-)

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We've had satellite broadband for nearly 2 years now, and I have to say that other than the higher costs I can't fault it.

We didn't have much option other than satellite because we are literally the last house on the phone line, about 7 miles from the exchange, and the mobile coverage is patchy to say the least.


We went for Broadband Wherever, the package is 20GB per month.  There was a promotional £30 a month for the first three months, but then it went to the standard £50 per month.  The advertised speeds of 20Mbps down and 6mbps upload can be fairly realsitic most of the time, and I find it gives a very consistent connection.  The hardware cost was £150, plus £75 for installation.


There's clearly a bit of lag in it, about 700ms is normal, but unless they fly the satellites lower that probably won't change.  This can be slightly annoying if you're using it to speak to somebody, as you both speak at the same time then stare at each other on the screen for a few seconds, then do the same again.  Obviously if you're into multiplayer gaming etc it's a non-starter.

There is a fair user policy which they advertise as unlimited between midnight and 6am, but it isn't unlimited, and they will downgrade your connection to a drip feed if you regularly cane it in these hours.


You can either buy or rent the equipment, renting is usually a 24month contract.


Yes it's an expensive option but when you have nothing else you have to just go for it.  We don't have a landline in the house so we're saving on that at least.



Consistent speed

Only viable option if rural/no mobile signal/detest BT

Fire and forget - I haven't had to do anything to anything since it was set up

Customer service is good, what little dealings I've had with them.




Easy to hit monthly limit when you've been used to unlimited

Very expensive if you want to top up data allowance (£15 a GB rings a bell but never used it)

Delay in signal is annoying when using phone through internet

'Unlimited' claim off peak isn't really, and they'll eventually nab you if you take the p*ss


Hope this is of some help.

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