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Northlink pods.


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Only second hand info as I've never used them either, but the two most recent comments I've been told by folk who have is one said they were fine and comfortable enough, but sleep wasn't the easiest with the noise from other folk etc, while the other said they were horrendous things that knackered up their back.

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Used them a few times and and the only issue I've had is that I'm 6'2" and cannot stretch my legs completely straight out on the footbar. Probably not an issue for anybody else, but the old knees are knackered and I like to be able to straighten them out occasionally.


Noise? Never had any issues when I've been there and if there had been, a swift "shut the ----- up, this is a quiet area", would have been forthcoming followed by a complaint to the crew if they didn't comply.


They're quite large width wise and recline not completely flat out but enough to relax - and the design means the don't interfere with the passenger behind. I wouldn't say you get an excellent nights kip - well, I don't anyway, but they're more restful than the normal seating and you haven't got idiots tramping past all the time as it is accessed by an exclusive card-controlled door in a corner of the forard bar area.


I tend to use a cabin on the way down so I'm definitely fresh to do what I want to do and a pod on the way back.



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I understand not everyone is the same but I personally cant sleep in the pods or the reclining chairs, I need to be able to lie flat.  Due to the popularity of the couches and the floor in the forward bar as sleeping areas I'm sure I'm not the only one who prefers a level surface to sleep on.


In the unfortunate event that I find myself without a cabin I prefer to sleep on one of these areas,  I usually bring a sleeping bag if I don't have a cabin.


The sleeping pods would be much better if they could actually fold down completely flat and level.


What I think would be best was if they just replaced them with those Japanese style sleeping pods. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capsule_hotel


Or if they just filled the forward bar with bunk beds.  Often the people who find themselves having to sleep in these pods or recliners are not doing it because they chose to but because all the cabins were full but they still have to make the trip.  Everyone should be entitled to somewhere level to lie down, any cushioning would be a bonus.

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They are nothing more than devices of cruel torture. The fact they they don’t go flat means the you can’t lay on your side. I am considerably shorter than 6’2” and I couldn’t stretch out straight. Added to this the ignorant halfwits with verbal diarrhoea waffling into the small hours, you couldn’t pay me enough to sleep on one, or rather, not sleep on one. The room is hotter than Hades just to add to the misery.


The last time I couldn’t get a cabin back from Aberdeen when I wanted one I booked the next available one three days later, and just added 3 nights to my hotel booking in Aberdeen. Costly, but no point paying for pain, unless you get off that way.

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