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Do you want the Shetland Times to report factually or would you prefer them to talk rubbish and avoid reporting what actually happened?


Of course, you don't have to read it. Just continue with your head in the clouds.

George, did you think before you wrote the above or are you just trying to get a reaction?


Firstly, yes, people want the Shetland Times to report what actually happened, but let's be honest they don't need to print the actual words to let us know that "unacceptable" language was used. After all this is a family news paper and I would not be keen to have my kids reading this. The more you put this language in print, the more normal it becomes. Radio Shetland managed to report on this same issue without resorting to swearing on air. Perhaps their reporters are more able to write a report in a professional manner in comparison with the Times ones, who just copy what's said.


Now as for "you don't have to read it" attitude, well your wrong, we buy our local paper to read and I for one do not want the Times reporting go down the road of the red top rags, which I refuse to buy. It's a local family news paper and should report with that in mind.


The only person with their head in the clouds seems to be yourself :-). Probably worth noting that Shetlinks standards do not allow swear words, which many would find offensive. As my parents used to say ' this would never have been allowed in Basil's Wisharts day' it's a pity the Times can't find reporters who can provide a story without reverting to such poor standards.

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Inclined to agree with Windwalker.


Although I very rarely buy the ST, I would be even less inclined to do so if it were to continue down this route.


There is no need to use "full frontal" expletives when there are so many other methods of getting the words across without causing unecessary offence.


Like a lot of others, I am not psychic and the "you don't have to read it" comment is just plain stupid.  How are you going to know what is written WITHOUT reading it?  


Maybe the article header should contain a big, bold warning that the article contains language that some may find offensive?


Maybe it could contain a "rider" that proclaims that it is not for sale to minors(?) or those of a "genteel" disposition?

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The Shetland news website does exactly the same and has done for some time now.  I agree that there is no neeed for the full expletive.  We all can work out exactly what was said with a few asterix taking place of some of the letters.  You here these words everywhere now and it is just becoming part of everyday language. You can't even go out for a quiet meal in a local restuarant nowadays without having to listen to it at the next table.  Lots of people find it offensive especially of the older generation and the last time I looked at a tabloid newspaper, even they had most of the letters blanked out.  You could still work out what had been said without seeing the full words in print. It seems to me that local standards are slipping.


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I am not sure that it is the newspaper's standards that are slipping.

It is more the fault of many people who seem unable to utter a sentence without uttering such words.

ng7627 referred to the fact that it is difficult to get away from it and I agree with him/her.

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Well people can {'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} off and not buy it if it offends them such bleeding much.


Post on Facebook the other day:  "Scientists have discovered those who swear prolifically tend to be more honest souls".


And ageist much?  There's a lot of oldies who have sworn since they were teenagers, if not younger than that; society is changing.

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