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Illegal immigrant's and refugees.


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Refugees used to be (or has it changed?) only permitted to stay for a maximum of five years.  During that time, many will not be entitled to full benefits (families usually are but not single individuals).  However, given that many were registered in other EU countries, my understanding is that many will not be granted refugee status within the UK and instead will be regarded as asylum seekers and/or economic migrants.

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A refugee is entitled to the same social and economic rights as any UK citizen. Refugees have full access to medical treatment, education, housing and employment.

Thankfully the civilised world learned lessons after WW2 and decided to give refugees protection in the United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention.

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I have to say the reaction I saw towards this "announcment" from my work colleages probably sums up how most folk are feeling - horrified and incredulous.


Most normal people have no problem with helping the poor and disadvantaged but that's just not what this is about.


Yes, I feel sorry for the children but it was their parents who dragged them on a dangerous and frightening journey into the "unknown".


I've seen too much evidence that these immigrants are not even looking to abide by the Rule of Law which is a very omminous sign.


One would think that genuine refugees would not traipse past six other countries and would be more than willing to be officially processed and play by the Rule of Law.


That's not what I see......

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Yes Ghostrider,

This might provide a temporary fix,but probably not much use for families.Possibly could be adapted to meet whatever needs. 


Must be better than being stuck out in the cold wet windy weather.


They can save a bit of money right away by keeping them out of Shetland by not having to pay there fare to come here. 

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