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new kitchen/bathroom

is local better even although it is a lot more expencive  

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  1. 1. is local better even although it is a lot more expencive

    • pay more to get local
    • go for the best price

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in thinking on getting a new kitchen but in one send local is far more expencive then the bigger shops south.


can anyone let me know should i pay the 1k more for a local or is it better(apart from the money in my pocket) to get from difrent shops south?


dont know whare to go for the best deal --- help!

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Friends of mine wanted to buy local too, and went to Hays for the kitchen units - apparently it's not too bad compared to sooth prices. Different story with the appliances though - they found Zanussi items almost £500 cheaper on the internet than the local agent, but, being desperate to help the local economy, went in to ask if said local agent could come down in price a bit [didn't even ask them to match the internet price], only to be told that that was what the price tag said so that was what it cost.


They said that what annoyed them the most was the couldn't care less attitude of the staff in the shop. So they went with the internet...


If it's any help, B&Q deliver to Shetland free of charge. I think you have to order through one of the Aberdeen shops though.

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