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New AHS roundabout

Davie P

New AHS roundabout  

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  1. 1. Do you personally have trouble negotiating the new AHS roundabout

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Been through it several times this week and, in all fairness, no problems at all.


However, if I might be permitted a few 'observations'....


Why was it not made 'level'?    Roads, generally, are expected to be flat(?) and level and passing up the opportunity to maintain this standard(?) appears to be a little strange.  Seems to me that more than a few people are going to get caught out by the strange camber if there is a 'hard' frost and/or a bit of snow.


Approaching from the Grantfield end, it is almost as if there is no 'obstruction' there at all.  I wonder if this will confuse(?) some drivers using it to the point where they might not judge the speed of other vehicles correctly?


As I said earlier, only time will tell..

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Having passed through it several times per day since it opened I encountered my first problem today, while traveling south I met a large articulated truck, it was clear that the truck would have to cross into my lane to get around the north exit causing me to stop, no problem in that at all but maybe the north exit is a bit tight after all.

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I have seen no problem with the roundabout, I have been passed t on a few occasions in my transit van. Don't find the turn tighter than any other roundabout. As with everything, it's a little strange at first as you are that used with it not being there but will soon get used to it.


Suppose the real question is, does anyone really agree with any of the changes being made at lochside and Staney hill?

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