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Instant Messenger - User Guide / Technical Help


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As there has been some interest in "real-time" chat, please find access to a version of an IM facility utilising php121 chat software. The software utilises your existing Shetlink username - therefore you have to be a registered member to use the facility!


Shetlink Instant Messenger User Guide

The Shetlink Instant Messenger feature allows registered users to have private conversations in real time, in a manner similar to popular 'Instant Messenger' software such as Microsoft MSN messenger, allowing instant discussion between 2 or more people



1. Click on the 'Show Instant messenger' link in the 'Messenger' block at the left of the screen. (you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser)


2. Select the user you would like to chat to by clicking the red link(s)


3. A request is sent to the user notifying them that you wish to chat to them


4. If the user accepts your request, a 'Chat Window' opens and you will see something like this

23:19:37 trout joined the chat.

23:19:41 peeriebryan joined the chat.

5. Enter your messages in the space at the bottom of the screen and click 'Send'


6. Your message will instantly appear on the screen


7. To leave a conversation, close the 'Chat Window'



You can use 'Emoticons' in your messages by clicking the smiley face at the top of the 'Chat Window'


You can invite other users to join the conversation by clicking 'Invite to this chat...' at the top of the 'Chat Window'


Note - remember that these conversations are not recorded and will not be accessible to general users. If you wish to engage in public debate, please use the forums


Please remember to post any content of enduring interest in the forum too for all to see! rather as let it drop off into the electronic ether. Its "good to talk" .. its also good to share!




Shetlink denies all responsibilty for the content of Instant Messages sent through the facillity available on the shetlink.com site. Any complaints of misuse of the Instant messenger function should be addressed to admin@shetlink.com or a moderator contacted throught the private message function of the forum. Note: All users are free to block contact from Users of their choice using the function provided in the software

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When we were testing the Instant Messenger facilities, we noted a problem with Windows 'Direct X' audio plugins on certain PC systems (i.e. mine!), which caused an error dialogue to appear whenever a message was sent or received. However, I was able to work around it by disabling the 'Beep on new message' option in the Instant Messenger.


Everything works fine on my Mac though :wink:

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Hi chaps


I had a play around with the Instant Chat Messenger with Claudias a bit earlier on.


It worked better for me than it did for Claudias I think. Claudias couldn't see what he was typing until he posted it, but I could see what I was typing.


I had two problems.


One was the delay in seeing the post appear in the window. After writing the post and hitting 'enter' it would sometimes take about 5 seconds before it would appear.


The other problem was that a message came up in the window saying I was signing out of the chat room and then signing back in again. This happened three times, I think. It might be something to do with the fact I am using the computer at work.


Hope this feedback helps. The disclaimer should protect Shetlink (he says with no knowledge whatsoever of copyright law). Contrary to what some think, I think Shetland can actually handle a chat room.


Also wanted to say the new layout that tells you if you have any private messages is a good new thing.

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In reference to the claudias problem, by way of a spread of information: After chatting to claudias i noticed that more than one invitation had been sent and hence more than one chat window was open, which would slow down and confuse things somewhat.


So, users please note that once the "Invite" button has been clicked once a window appears in the recipients desktop which requires acceptance. Now, if like myself, users sometimes leave their computer for periods of time while still on the shetlink site, a reply to the chat may be a long time in coming, if at all. Clicking the link again will not alleviate this, so if you click and nothing happens, just be patient. And also, if you do not get a reply at all, try someone else, you may be hailing someone who is not there! :wink:

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When it said you'd left the chat, then re-entered, did it all happen automatically?


Hi peeriebryan - yep, it happened automatically. It would say I was leaving the chat and then a few seconds later another message would come up saying I was back.


I wonder if it might have something to do with a firewall that is probably in use at work. I know that I sometimes have similar problems using MSN Messenger at work with people from outside work, when I get signed out at various intervals. I think someone sometime said to me that it might have something to do with the firewall.

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I currently have a chat window open. This tells me that claudias,peeribryan and trout are using the room. Yet,when I try to type I simply get the bell sound which indicates that I am not permitted to enter. At one time I had six overlapping chat windows open so I am going to turn off the auto reply.

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Jonners - I would imagine that you're probs are related to a keen firewall which doesn't like you having a 'live' connection, rather than just refreshing the page like the forums


Claudias - I'm using Firefox on the Mac with no apparent problems. I'll try a few different browsers and get back to you

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