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save our pringles


Save our pringles  

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  1. 1. Should Tesco discontinue Pringles?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Who gives a s...?
    • Always got the good old Coop

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With Tesco's stock control up here, its irrelevant what they "stock" or not, as the chances of actually finding any stock in the shop of any one specific product they allegedly do stock,at any one given time, is 50/50 at best, and that's without boat delays.


It must take skill and planning to run out of stock of the same flavour of own brand soft drink every week for months on end, and run out of stock of local butter for regular and entended periods.

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Its not the fact xmas would be ruined without tinsel don't be silly, its the fact these sort of products  sell at xmas time and are what customers would require along with other products xmas or otherwise in weeks up to xmas.


Tesco have also put some Halloween or valentine stuff out after the event, it should have been on the shelves unless of course some boat delay but if stock is out the back get it on the shelves.


Pringles is popular product you expect to see this product on the shelves decision to stop something that is popular doesn't make sense.


If Tesco  stop selling beer just before up helly aa say, would customers not think that was strange and that would not make economic sense for Tesco.


Its about stopping of certain popular products, not that just for one year you couldn't get hold of it.

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In the last few months your local "Superstore" has by all apperances discontinued the following lines, very probably along with numerous others.


Tesco Golden Delicious Loose


Tesco Emmental Slices 250g


Tesco Butchers Choice British 12 Chipolata Sausages 340g


Bernard Matthews Wafer Thin Turkey Ham 250g


Tesco Chicken Tandoori, Rice and Bombay Potato 500g


Tesco Double Chocolate Mini Muffins 12 Pack


John West Herrings Tomato 160g


Ye Old Oak American Style Hot Dogs 400g


Tesco Slow Cooker Mexican Chilli 90g


Sharwoods Medium Egg Noodles 2 x 375g


Birds Eye 12 Beef Burgers 680g


Youngs 20 Fish Fingers 500g


Tesco 3 Belgian Chocolate and Mint Ice Cream 330ml


Mr. Brain's 4 Pork Faggots 439g


Fairy Apple Orchard Washing Up Liquid 630ml

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