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save our pringles


Save our pringles  

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  1. 1. Should Tesco discontinue Pringles?

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    • No
    • Who gives a s...?
    • Always got the good old Coop

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Why is Tescos stopping stocking pringles? are they not a good seller?


I personally think Tescos is better than the Co-op, but sometimes there is not much on the shelves in certain areas like the vegetables.


One thing that does happen at tescos that I have always thought isn't right, is there is a few folk that go to Tescos every evening that stand around with empty trollies the place where they put there reduced items at. Then when the staff come with the reduced items, these folk take it all and give no one a chance. I remember seeing someone taken about 40 loafs and another who took the whole trolly full of reduced sandwiches.


I just find it a bit unfair that one person can take 40 loafs when there is maybe someone with a low income that might just like one loaf.


I think tescos should put a limit on how much reduced items one person can buy like for example -


If there is 40 loafs at £0.05 then limit it to 4x loafs per person or something like that.

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No-one is forced to shop at Tescos.


If you're not happy with what they stock - go elsewhere. And if elsewhere don't have it either, well, that's one of the joys of living on a remote group of islands.


The only routes open to you then are:


1. Move to some built up area of Scotchland (other countries are also available).

2. Buy on the Internet.


3. Set up a business importing containerloads of tinsel and glaze cherries.



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Think your missing the point ,  its normally a regular popular stocked item, and its not the fact they haven't just turned up on the boat.


As it is, as I said they now have got them back on the shelf which great for baking anytime of year but especially xmas,

It is not about living on a remote island or if you don't like it move to mainland that just sounds silly and always what some people can only come up with.


If it is a regular popular item that can be got hold of, then it is good to see it regularly on the shelves except of course boat delays, severe weather etc

It was probably missed by stock control and has now been picked up on and back on the shelves, so probably nothing to do with living on a remote island for this product.

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Surely someone is allowed to make  comments about certain products, not happy with the stock move to mainland or go elsewhere?

I happened to like Tesco for my shopping amongst other stores, and was therefore surprised to see a very popular baking ingredient missing and hoped it would be returned on Tesco shelves, which indeed it was, even better just before xmas.

Must never make a comment or question about stock because you live on an remote island and therefore just accept everything don't be silly.

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