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Irritating TV adverts

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Not an irratating advert as such just that there's no better place to put this post and I don't want to start yet another thread!


I feel quite disturbed watching the adverts regarding strokes. You know the one where you watch the person slowly succuming to a stroke with a fire analogy in their brain.


It's a very important message it's conveying ... and the advert does exactly what it's supposed to. There is no way now that I'm not going to forget what to watch out for should ever such a case arise. God forbid! I just can't watch the advert anymore and have to turn over the channel until it ends!




Another 'health' advert though that does not do anything for me is the ones where they ask you to give blood. You know the ones with pleepsy wigwams begging you to go give blood to help their family member! Those actually turn me away from going and giving blood ... especially that weegie git!! The adverts are sooo false and disenfranchise me from the whole concept .. ! They've driven me to now not go and give blood anymore .... that's just plain wrong! :?

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the go compare adert....makes ur toes curl!


I have an agreement with that, I mean, what does Pavarotti have to do with the advertisement, it is annoying it's like someone is doing the longest and loudest burp to break the Guiness record. I would LOVE it when no-one is taking that website as an advisor. :wink:

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Go compaaaarrrreeee Go comparrrrreeeee!


I think you've captured the most annoying part of that advert very well. I change channel or turn the TV off when it comes on and have resolved never to use their services. Whoever commissioned that ad and signed off on it being satisfactory needs to be locked in a room with Jean-Paul Sartre for all eternity.

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