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Irritating TV adverts

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^^^That would be Mazoomamobile or somesuch.

For me it would have to be the plethora of "Sell us your old unwanted gold" ads.

"I sent in my diamond band from my 1st marriage......."

"I sold my gold chain and with the money got ticketc to a European away game...." etc etc


Heard in the news that a test was carried out with these companies whereby £300 worth of gold was sent in and the amounts offered varied from £60 - £210 :shock:

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^^ Agree totally, I cringe every time I hear it and would love to see the opera guy self implode..

but have noticed that all the wee ones love it..as soon as it comes on the TV they all stop in the middle of whatever they are doing and stand still for the length of the advert....like they are hypnotised!! :lol:

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There is now a rush to open pawn brokers here, I know of 3 new ones already, as well as a new "Crack" Converters.


There is alot of money to be made from folk who think there is a depression on, especially as they have none themselves.


Go Compare is gettin on my nips at the moment, though Compare the Meerkat is still amusing.

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I think that the Crunchy Nut adverts get even more annoying nearly or possibly every week and I believe that the one with the baby in the trolley is silliness, I mean it does happen but not for a man to jump onto the baby to get a box of cereal and have on his face 'I WANT IT! I WANT IT!' expression.

I think that the baby is laughing about how stupid the advert is but its mother tells another story looking as if she about to say 'get off my baby daughter and bring that cereal back to me, baby borrower!'

I think Crunchy Nut should change their minds instead of making berserk adverts that make you think, 'what are they on about'.

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Another 'health' advert though that does not do anything for me is the ones where they ask you to give blood. You know the ones with pleepsy wigwams begging you to go give blood to help their family member! Those actually turn me away from going and giving blood ... especially that weegie git!! The adverts are sooo false and disenfranchise me from the whole concept .. ! They've driven me to now not go and give blood anymore .... that's just plain wrong! :?


There used to be a blood donation ad with a blood bag running low, and a voice saying 'need more, need more, need more, need more...' over and over again like an ambulance siren, if that makes sense...creepy and irritating :?


Of course, I wasn't prompted to start donating because of the ads...more because I became unemployed (bar uni) at New Year last year so decided to do something worthwhile for society.


Sorry...I'm dragging this thread off topic.


You guys may enjoy this one:





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