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Irritating TV adverts

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What is it with the f'in Halifax adverts? Man ... just makes me want to puke and smash my TV up everytime I see them! Possibly the saddest adverts on TV ... like those poor people just endear you to give your money to a financial institution? eh? I mean .. if those poor sods are actually bank workers like prior adverts ... :? *cringe*


*oooooh .. breath .. breath ...*

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That bloody volvic advert with Jimmy the prize plonker figuring out that drinking water could be good for you and why exactly does he need 5 mins off work for a "cheeky" volvic, any sane employer lets their staff drink water. All I could see that Volvic did for him was make him take up baseball to get rid of all his excess energy and make use of his alertness it also gives you a very camp running style.


Crap advert pisses me off every time I see it. Only press play below if you think you can tolerate Jimmy.


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