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Irritating TV adverts

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Those annoying kids on the Renault ad and the shouty man for Cillit Bang. Also, the smug people on NRT ads who've quit the fags and think they should get a knighthood or summat. (I'm an NRT addicted ex-smoker so it might only be sour grapes 'cos I never got on the telly). Come to think of it the smoking-quitters must be well annoying if you're puffing away on a cig while watching TV.


Used to work in advertising (about 10 years ago) and not once did anything in the theory say 'try to annoy your customers to the point where they beg for a quick death'. It was all about being aspirational, maybe humourous but annoying your potential customers was considered a kind of dumb thing to do.

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The ad when the peerie boy has joost had a muckle turd, tries to cover up the stink with air freshener but, oh no, it's run out. He spends the rest of the advert holding his nose saying "it's all gone, it's all gone"


Might no be da same ane, but whin his midder arrives wi da refill, we see its on da waa at her shooder height, so da stinkin peerie sausage couldna o pushed da button onywaye!



But, on tae da point da riles me more dan anything aboot adverts;


Da "sublimal message" idea dat is currently all da rage whar da volume o every advert is aboot 110% o da program dir in da middle o.


Stupid idea. It dusna mak me pay more attention, it reminds me tae mute da bloody things!


Honestly, i VERY rarely watch anything on TV "live" noo, i prefer tae record it an watch it wi me finger on da FF button..

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Spinner72 wrote

Da "sublimal message" idea dat is currently all da rage whar da volume o every advert is aboot 110% o da program dir in da middle o.


More than 110% sometimes.......I keep the remote handy to turn down the volume during commercial breaks. Is this deliberate and if so is it breaking any laws.

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The maximum volume of an advert is the same volume as the maximum volume of the film - i.e. as loud as your telly will play it.


The peak volume of adverts aren't technically louder; it's that the advert's dynamic range has been compressed. A pin dropping in an advert sounds as loud as the loudest explosions you've just been listening to in the film you're watching. This makes them sound so horribly LOUD!


This idea of over-compressing everything happens more and more in modern audio CD production because everyone wants their CD to be as loud as the others. The net result is that people turn the music down a bit and, because the softest whispers are as loud as the most banging chorus, the entire production sounds dynamically very flat.

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For breakfast there's usually muesli,

and what's the muesli we have usually,

thats alpen,

A - L - P - E - N!




Shopping can be such a bore, e i e i o

try your local lifestyle store, e i e i o


...and does anybody remember the Shetland ads at the North Star cinema and the pronunciation of "Garriock Brothers"?


Someone mentioned "mmm danone" before. They've got that one here in Lithuania - Aaaaargh, there's no escape. They've even got da air freshener wan wi da peerie boy on da pan!

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