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Do you think if we asked nicely, Norway would let us come and play with them instead?

In a word, yes and it's time we were serious about it.


I simply can't fathom why Shetland voted for Remain.  I'm hoping(as I was told by a Remain voter) that it was just "better the devil you know" but my fear is it was something else.


Anyhow, I think what we'll see is the EU imploding and the break up of the United Kingdom.


Ms Sturgeon thinks Scotland can remain in the EU but if the EU implodes then there's nothing to join.  Even if the EU remains and Scotland asks to join, there will be a hefty price to pay.


That price will be surrender of the fishing grounds and oil fields.  And make no mistake, the SNP will give whatever it takes.


Just a couple of weeks ago the EU made murmurings about Norway's oil and unsurprisingly Norway told them to get stuffed.  It wasn't and isn't going to happen.


Similarly, if the United Kingdom breaks up then there's no more Great Britain and this blows British Overseas Territory(BOT) status out of the water.


After centuries of mis-rule and mis-treatment it's time for Shetland to go home. 


It's time to start negotiations with Norway.

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Slightly off topic. Despite these troubled times political turmoil and falling markets (Including the SIC,s little stash) we can always depend on the England football team to cheer us up.

They have managed to leave Europe twice in one week.


What a bunch of losers. LMFAO...


Go Iceland .!

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I cannot get my head around why some Scots are so hell bent on trading Westminster for Brussels, that is far from true independence! It will almost certainly not be as straightforward as some make out, with Scotland having to first become independent and then apply for re-entry. 

Shetland (and Scotland) voted for the UK to remain in the EU but this does not automatically mean all those voters would back independence on the basis of trying to re-join the EU. I imagine many voted for the status quo due to fear of the unknown and economic considerations, both of which would be major concerns in another referendum. 

As Shetlanders we have to ask ourselves, do we really want to go along with this? Another divisive referendum with which the end result could easily be us ending up surrendering our fishing grounds all over again (with less of a quota due to losing the derogation the UK currently enjoys) and being tied to an ailing currency and political set up which is both undemocratic and seriously under threat of collapse. 

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To say countries like Germany, France, Denmark, Holland, Belgium etc etc aren't independent states because they share some sovereignty in the EU is a bit far fetched.


Nobody said that, and its definitely not what the UEF, who are the lion's share of the EU but by a different name, are saying they want either.


The constituent nations of the EU are all independent sovereign nations, as yet. The future, however, is giving all indictions of being something entirely different.

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