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Free to be exploited to the point where there are no fish left? EU regulations were brought in to save fishermen from themselves. You're maybe too young to remember the days of two crews working a boat 24/7 and black fish.



Bluntly, this is disingenuous europhile propganda.


What evidence is there to suggest fishing to extinction will happen? Having neared the point of doing irrecoverable damage to some species, surely both fishermen and governments have learned from that experience and its resonable to expect both to move forward bearing that knowledge in mind. Not revert to pre-1973 knowledge and attitudes.


Pre-1973 despite ever increasing catching ability, fishing to extinction was nothing more than a theory, for any species. In the years thereafter it became a reality, and as by then the EEC had been granted supreme powers over all EEC nation's fishing activity, it was their job to address the issue. To suggest that it needed the EEC to save fishermen from themselves, is by default to suggest that had the UK not been in the EEC when fishing to extinction became a real possibility, that the UK Government wouldn't have done a thing to address it. The EEC did what they did, as it was where the buck stopped at that time, and theres nothing to suggest that had the buck stopped anywhere else at that time they wouldn't have taken similar action.


It could as easily be argued that the final straw that led to a real risk of fishing to extinction was the fault of the EEC and they were just fixing what they'd broken in the first place. As I remember before the days of black fish and dual crews, when the sea down the east side was thick with Danish and other pout boats (which had been allowed in by the EEC) hardly one of them under 100ft long, and load until the decks were awash if they had the chance, from scooping up everything that swam, including the immature of numerous species, including those that came to be "at risk" only a few years later, to drag home for fishmeal.


At one time the Danes used to take nearly  three quarters of a million tonnes [officially ] of sand eels . Mostly from the East coast of Scotland .They were used to make fish meal mainly to feed their huge pig industry most exported back to to  UK as bacon etc [Danepak] and the oil was used believe it or not to fuel power stations in Denmark .

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I would hope that our mp and msp would be fighting really hard to keep our fishing grounds around our shores to ourselves and not have all these French, Spanish etc., fishing practically up to our shores. Fishing is very important to the shetland, Scottish and British economy and should be looked after, not thrown away or bargained way. Fisherman, you will have to ensure that your representatives in council, MPs msps and fishing reps fight hard for your rights and not sell you out.

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Now that the MSP leader has had her one to one meeting with the new PM of UK


Should our Shetland reps (wir shetland) have a one to one with the new PM of the UK?


Maybe it is not needed as we are at one with the current leaders of MSP?


Or should we send  Captain Calamity to meet the new PM of UK? :thmbsup  Perhaps he does not recognise her?


Any views on the above?

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Nicola Sturgeon accepts she has a veto over Brexit timing in comments which will infuriate Tory Right--www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/17/nicola-sturgeon-accepts-she-has-a-veto-over-brexit-timing-in-com/?ref=yfp

Will Nicola ever accept Scotland democratically voted to be a part of the UK.?


How would she react if the rest of the UK had a vote to see if Scotland must leave the UK? Would she last long in her job?


Does the EU want to split Scotland away from the the UK?


Is Nicholas becoming an embarrassment as a leader? 


As a Nation did Edward Heath deceive us all ?


Why would Nicola want Scotland to join the EU,?

Does Nicola really think the EU is working?

Are most of its member states  bankrupt,?

Can the EU ever control its borders,?

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If Faroe had been fortunate enough to have been  part of the UK and a member of the EU i wounder if their GDP of $2.6 billion would be higher or lower ?


Isn't there a small typo in there, shouldn't it be 'unfortunate'?


That said, never mind if Faroe's GDP might have been higher, as surely Shetland's would have been. Our boats could have been going there and scooping up everything in their ebb, while their boats were mostly being scrapped. That is how the EU fisheries policy works after all, isn't it - Go rob someone else's resources, and whoever has most has to share it with everyone else so that they get to keep the least of anyone.

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While I accept Scotland and France have many things in common.

I have seen no evidence the French are keen to lure Scotland out of the UK and into the EU.


Perhaps you have a French Connection ?


France has a strong leaning to the far right in politics, and is growing. Is this the way you want Scotland to head?


The French Police have had lots of powers taken away from them? Is this what you want for Scotland?


The people of France would love to be like Scotland and have control over its borders, and immigration.


France is a republic. What do you want? 

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