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Without European funding who will fund the tunnels to the islands?


I'm not seeing Europe rushing in with their cheque to pay for them either, despite the idea of tunnels having been grumbled about for many years.


Meanwhile, Norway appears to have a pretty healthy ongoing tunnel/bridge program without European money.



Yet more reasons to jump off the EU gravy train. After all, it's only a gravy train for the control merchants that run it, unelected I believe.

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Its probable than a non-EU UK or Scotland or Shetland might have also decided to impose sanctions against Russia for invading another country. iF we left the EU countries like Spain might not take our shellfish etc as they might attract high import taxes.

I can't see the French or Spanish housewife going without fish, or accepting a high tax on it. So no real worries there. The Faroes who are of a similar disposition to us looked at the facts and decided to carry on selling their produce to Russia, there is also a fair chance an independent Shetland would of decided the same.

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Yes magnie ii,apparently since 1979 we have contributed £228Billion,and we have received £143 Billion back so the question is where has the other £85 Billion gone. :ponders:  


Just possibly into the back pockets of the control merchants that run the EU. They get massive salaries that are totally unjustified. When we leave we will be so much better off it's unbelievable  :rofl:

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What a LOAD OF CRAP - Muckle Joannie ! Who are you ? Jonathon Will's ?

How prosperous is their fisheries compared to the Uk as a whole ?

Back up your sweeping statements with real facts why dont you !!

Their fishing industry is the major area where Norway prospers outwith the EU. However from the Daily Telegraph




"We are the most obedient of EU members, rapidly implementing directives to the letter, yet we have no say in them," said Marit Warncke, who heads Bergen's chamber of commerce. "We are sitting outside in the corridors, instead of being at the decision table."

Nor is membership of the EEA without costs, she points out. Through it, Norway contributes €340 million a year to the EU – despite neither being a member, nor having any voting rights.


The Guardian



Open Europe, which campaigns for major reforms in Britain’s relationship with the EU, says that the UK would still have to uphold the “most burdensome EU rules” if it was to adopt what is known as the Norway option.





OSO Hotwater is a maker of central heating boilers just outside Oslo, and a few years ago it woke up to a nightmare. Overnight it discovered that the EU was introducing new environmental and energy efficiency standards that favoured gas powered boilers over electric ones.

As OSO's boss Sigurd Braathen told me he did the calculations and realised that half of Oso's products would soon be useless: unsaleable.

Now, as Norway is not a member of the EU, it has no say over these or any other EU rules. It can lobby against them, but it does not sit round the table when they are proposed, discussed, amended, debated, or voted into law. The consequences can be huge.
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My coherent fact Mr Staney Dale is that I spent years dumping hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of good edible fish to live within E.U. law and then had to leave the industry penniless due to that management regime which continues to destroy large quantities of Shetland's food resource to this day.


Mr Joannies various establishment  tabloid examples fails at this first particular hurdle - Why if Norway , with their excellent infrastructure, high level of social services and control over their vast marine resources, are struggling so with E.U law do they not join ??

Please furnish me with the coherent facts you have accumulated thanks to your superior I.Q. and intellect.

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I'm not convinced that leaving the EU is the answer but we certainly require a better deal .


What would our fathers and forefathers who fought in the wars for the freedom of Britain think of being controlled by over paid bureaucrats in Brussels ! 


I think of the EU a bit like my home and car insurance. I pay dearly for it with the hope I never need it and with that thoughts in mind should we demand some funding from the EU to provide  better links to the Islands I see no reason we should not get it..


After all the EU has the money --do'es Holyrood or Westminster !

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