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Summer Visit

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I'll be visiting Shetland this summer for 3 weeks in July to August. Long story short with a chance of. Relocation. My plan is to stay In Lerwick area for 2 weeks, and Unst for one. I'd like to visit Foula and or Fair Isle if possible, otherwise I'll just be exploring the island.


I'm a lone young male from Wales so where is cheaper to stay than in Lerwick but still kind of central? Also I've been looking at accomadation for Unst but I'm open to suggestions.


Ive looked into Shetland for some time now, especially with the help of Promote Shetland. Which is brilliant, As its give me a basic plan of action as well as information.


Any and all suggestions to try and squeeze in are appreciated.

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Nearly all Unst accommodation is listed on the www.unst.org website. The hostel is probably your best bet if you're looking for something affordable and you're okay bunking. 


That website will also give you a bit more info on local attractions and things to do. If you're up in July you may catch Unstfest which as you may know is an award winning community festival. 


For your time on mainland, the Shetland Visitor website is a good place to find accommodation. There are some affordable B&Bs around the Scalloway/Burra area if you want to get out of Lerwick, although the Isleburgh Hostel in town probably is your cheapest bet. You can do a day charter to Foula from Scalloway with companies such as CyCharters (http://www.cycharters.co.uk/). 

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Thanks for the responses, ill get in touch with a couple of those places on Unst and in Lerwick.


Since enquiring about life in the far north ive heard a mixed bag. im a 26 year old aircraft engineer, with qualifications in carbon fibre, health and safety, shipbuilding, management, computing and more having completed TWO apprenticeships.


For about 6 years ive loved the idea of life up there, and its not just rose tinted dreaming. I live on the North Wales coast, its grey, windy and where I live has long past its heyday as the A55 made the North Wales coast road completely redundant, one by one all the caravan villages are getting slowly abandoned, lots of work at the ports is also closing as there is no passing trade, th only reason people come into my home town is to see a dry-docked cruise ship that's been rusting since 1979, Duke of Lancaster. Work here is all based in Chester, Wrexham, Bangor and other big towns and cities. My village is mainly farming, some employment at the last docks on the river dee (Mostyn) is available, I wouldn't change it for the world, anywhere I go where I can't see the sea, and hear the wind is not home to me. I worked on a rural runway in south france for a year in 2013 and loved the sense of isolation, I was free to do what I want when I want, although the heat and sun got me down as I can't be dealing with it.


So in short for years ive been thinking of a move to the highlands or Islands and will be sending my CV to hial and others in the hope of securing a job in my sector, ive looked at Inverness, and then moved North East from here along the coast and then naturally on to your island and Orkney. While im not fully decided ive booked my second visit up this summer, and was wondering how best to spend my weeks.


Im a sociable person, and happy with my own space. I can be differentiated from other young people with a dream n the fact, I have a trip planned, lots of skills to offer, comfortable financial situation and drive. Having done work on a farm as a youngster, and then working on the remote Raynes Jetty off the Colwyn Bay coast, I don't mind a bit of work with foul weather giving me its worst.


Ive read other topics, and some of the Residents paint a very bleak picture of life up there. Long, dark, wet winters will undoubtedly get me low at times im only human but it isn't the full shock that some may experience when moving from a southern city. Can I ask a few questions please?


Are young males with drive welcome up there? I hear of trouble from workers off barges etc in Lerwick, will I be tarred with the same brush?


While im more than happy with my own company, and that of my PlayStation, Dog and birds it would be nice to make a friend or two in the villages, is there still a strong sense of community to be found there? This is another reason of my move, my home town is often full of Eastern European workers, who work long hours in the quarries, Theyre all great guys, but just not my community I had while growing up. I remember changing car tyres for old dears, building walls (dads a brickie) and generally being a bit of a dogsbody for people, it made my day pass and me feel good in and otherwise quiet community.


While ive no desire for children at present I may do in the future, how is it for finding a partner? Same as everywhere else? My girlfriend is in her late 30's and doesn't want to up sticks, so i'd be making the move alone.


Are house prices due to fall after the works at Sullum are done?

Ive heard health care is hit and miss, but is it really that bad?

Is there many from North Wales on Shetland?



While I cant and wont pretend ive experienced a Shetland winter, I've had a taster as an ex girlfriends Family lives on Lewis. The weather doesn't bother me as im not heading up there dreaming of sun and ponies, im just after an honest comment having took me into consideration on what you think ill think of it up there. I'll be visiting in the summer either way. It's not a case of just losing the rat race like I read on here so often, its a life I love, I just want it more extreme, and scenic and your island more than fits the bill, if not i'm looking for suggestions of places between Inverness, North east coast or the islands, also looking for advice on how to best utilise my time there, Foula, Fair Isle or the Skerries definitely need a visit.


Sorry for the boring long post, I just thought i'd share a bit about me first as im sure you get lots of people on here with nothing but a postcard and a dream.


Thanks in advanced

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I'm not. I'm ignoring my girlfriends and close friends views on the place, so I'll be sure to do the same. What I do like about the more vocal people is that they seem to give you the good and the bad, it's more heavily on the bad but at the same time that's still not a bad thing as the Internet is full to brim of articles praising the place.


Looking forward to visiting.

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its best to know what your facing that way you can prepare. you will fit in if you want to. sullom is losing staff so work may become a little harder to find work. house prices will not likely drop.  re communities if out of town you will become part of the community. if your friendly you will be welcomed. its lonely by yourself you really must consider that you will be a long way away from your family.   

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Shetlanders tend to give you back what you put in. There are still strong communities and they are generally welcoming of people from anywhere, but I'd say the onus will probably be on you to get out and meet people and get involved with things. It's a sort of friendly but quiet place, where people will do all sorts of favours if they know you, but will leave you to yourself if they think that's what you want. 


I don't think you should be "tarred with the brush" of the barge workers. There are plenty among them who have settled fine and made friends here. It's just that a disappointing number come and cause trouble. I think part of the issue is that they don't see themselves as belonging to the place and therefore don't have much respect for it. Unlike you they haven't really made the active decision to relocate here, they've just been sent through work. 

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As far as I'm aware, the majority of aircraft engineering done 'on-island' is helicopter engineering. Certainly at Scatsta airport the aeroplane engineers flew up for the day from Aberdeen, whereas the helicopter ones stayed locally.


There are three airports, one is run for the oil industry, the helicopters are run by Bristow. Tingwall airport has small aircraft that fly to the smaller islands. And Sumburgh - there are helicopters based there too.


Good luck!

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In fact, on retrospect, I think we (the islanders) should all club together and get you up here and employ you on a 24/7 (sorry no rest unless you know someone else who can repair planes as well and then you can job share) to keep the planes together.

We will, of course, all donate binder twine, gaffer tape and ratchet straps!

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